Frost Is In Trouble With Justice in The Flash Episode 7.08 Promo

The latest episode of The Flash saw the debut of Jon Cor’s Mark Stevens, aka Chillblaine. In the story, he is a scientist obsessed with cryogenic technology. Armed with cold weapons, he soon became a thorn in the side of Team Flash after attempting to frame Frost for a break-in and murder at Ivo Laboratories. Even though the titular hero intervenes to get his friend out of the sticky situation and Team Flash ultimately defeats Chillblaine, Frost gets arrested by the Central City PD for the crimes she committed when she was still a villain (back in Season 3).

And now, the CW has debuted a brand-new promo for the upcoming eighth episode of The Flash Season 7. The video teases that Frost will undergo a process. The prosecutor is asking for her powers to be erased. The promo also shows that fans will see Dr. Caitlin Snow, who is still caring about her alternate personality even though Frost obtained her own body. You can watch The Flash Episode 7.08 promo in the player below.

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It appears that fans will have to wait for a while before watching Barry Allen in action once again. The show is taking a little break, as the next installment will debut on May 4. The CW has yet to reveal an official synopsis for the eighth episode of The Flash Season 7.

Have you watched The Flash Season 7 so far? If so, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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