John Wesley Shipp’s Golden Age Flash Will Appear in Stargirl Season 2

Well, things are about to get more interesting on Stargirl Season 2. According to a report by EW, actor John Wesley Shipp will return as Jay Garrick to the small-screen in the sophomore season. Per the official description, Garrick plays a role “in a pivotal flashback episode” that will see “the Golden Age Flash as a member of Earth-2’s Justice Society of America.” Shipp is best known for playing the Scarlet Speedster on CBS’s The Flash from 1990 to 1991. He then resumed the same role in different shows on the CWverse, as both Barry Allen and Jay Garrick. The last time fans saw John Wesley Shipp was in the third installment of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. That time, he portrayed Earth-90’s Barry Allen, who saved his younger self and stopped Earth-1’s immediate destruction by immolating himself.

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According to The CW, the upcoming mini-crossover will “officially bring Stargirl [Brec Bassinger] into CW’s post-Crisis CWverse alongside The Flash, Superman & Lois, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” In the universe created by the television network, all the shows mentioned above occur on Earth-Prime after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, while Stargirl takes place in a different reality called Earth-2.

Stargirl Season 2 is still in production. The CW has yet to announce an official release date, but it will likely be somewhere in 2021.

Are you happy about John Wesley Shipp to be the original Flash in Stargirl season 2? What do you expect from his role in the plot? Let us know in the comment section below!

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