Ryan Wilder Dons the Suit in Batwoman Season 2 Premiere Photos

News of main star Ruby Rose leaving the show has eclipsed any discussion about the Batwoman storylines themselves recently. But now we get a bit more of a look at what’s in store. The CW has debuted a brand new batch of promotional photos for the upcoming premiere of Batwoman Season 2.  Last season ended with a massive cliffhanger after Rachel Skarsten’s Alice helped Hush getting a new face and infiltrating the Wayne Tower. Thanks to his new appearance, Tommy Elliot can present himself as none other than Bruce Wayne himself and get his hands on the Kryptonite shard. The set of photos offers a closer look at the character portrayed by Warren Christie, including a still in which he is in the company of Luke Fox. So far, it appears that Hush’s new disguise has fooled the whole Bat-team, including the tech genius himself.

You can check all the new Batwoman Season 2 photos in the gallery below.

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The photos also feature a shot of Ryan Wilder’s life. The new heroine of Gotham is currently living inside a van together with her precious plant. She is now called to take up Batwoman‘s mantle and fight for a greater cause. Along the way, she will meet a few friends and many enemies, like Head Crow Jacob Kane, who was on the outs with the previous Batwoman at the end of Season 1. However, the photos show that he is turning the Bat-Signal on, implying that he might have had a sudden change of heart.

Batwoman Season 2 will debut on The CW on Sunday, Jan. 17.

What do you think about the new Batwoman Season 2 photos? What do you expect from the sophomore season? Let us know in the comment section below!

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