The Sandman Season 2 Set Photos Appear to Reveal Dream’s Son

New photos from the set of The Sandman seem to confirm that Dream’s son, Orpheus, will make an appearance in Season 2 of the Netflix series.

A number of photos have surfaced from The Sandman Season 2’s recent shoot at Durdle Door in England. In one photo, Dream of the Endless/Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) can be seen talking to a mysterious character played by an unidentified actor. This actor is sporting white attire not unlike the clothes Orpheus wears in the comics. In another photo, the actor can be seen walking away from Sturridge’s Morpheus while holding what appears to be a lyre, Orpheus’ musical instrument of choice. (At this time, Netflix has not confirmed Orpheus’ involvement in The Sandman Season 2, nor has it released any casting information.)

Who is Orpheus in The Sandman?

Created by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, Orpheus first appeared in Sandman #29, which DC published in 1991 as part of the “Fables & Reflections” story arc. Inspired by the bard of the same name originating from Greek mythology, Orpheus is the only son of Dream (known to the Greeks as Oneiros) and the muse Calliope.

In the comics, Orpheus was introduced as a severed head, having been condemned to eternal life without a body following a tragic sequence of events. While Orpheus did not appear in the first season of Netflix’s adaptation of The Sandman, his story was alluded to in the “Calliope” segment of the season’s bonus episode.

Dream and company are gearing up for Season 2

Netflix’s The Sandman is based on the groundbreaking comic of the same name that was co-created and written by Gaiman. The series premiered the entirety of its 10-episode first season on Aug. 5, 2022. A two-part bonus episode subsequently dropped on Aug. 19. Netflix officially picked the show up for Season 2 in November. Additionally, a spinoff series titled Dead Boy Detectives is in the works at Netflix after previously being developed as a standalone show at Max.

The Sandman Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. Season 2 does not yet have a premiere date.