The Revolution Has Begun in Westworld Season 3 Finale Promo

Warning: spoilers below for Westworld episode 3.07!

HBO’s Westworld Season 3 has nearly reached its climax. In just a few days, fans will discover if Dolores will manage to create a new world order or if she will be crushed by Serac and sent into oblivion forever. The latest episode of the show shed some light on Caleb’s history. It turned out that most of his memories are fabricated, that he was one of the first people to go through Serac’s re-education program, and that he was manipulated by Rehoboam to kill his dear friend Francis.

In the meantime, Maeve and Dolores fought almost to the death, with the former winning the battle after cutting off one of Dolores’s arms. But the latter had a trump card as she used an EMP to disable both of them before Maeve could finish the job.

Now HBO has debuted a new promo for the upcoming eighth episode of Westworld Season 3. It seems that next week it’s reckoning day for some of the protagonists, as the revolution teased by Dolores starts. And it may be up to Ed Harris to “save the f***ing world.” [Yes, there’s one NSFW f-bomb.]

You can watch the new Westworld Season 3 finale promo in the player below.

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Fans will have to wait for at least another season to see the final confrontation between Dolores and Serac, as HBO has officially renewed the series for a fourth season.

Jennifer Getzinger directed the episode, written by Denise Thé & Jonathan Nolan. The synopsis of “Crisis Theory” reads as follows:

“Time to face the music.”

Westworld Episode 3.08 will air on May 3. What do you expect from the Westworld Season 3 finale? Do you think that Dolores will manage to create a new world order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.