Stargirl Faces Sportsmaster In The CW’s Latest Promo For the Series

This spring, Stargirl will take flight on both DC Universe and The CW. Now, The CW has released a new Stargirl promo that introduces one of her adversaries on the series: Lawrence “Crusher” Crock AKA Sportsmaster. In the comics, Sportsmaster was a failed professional athlete who repurposed his talents for a life of crime. However, Sportsmaster wasn’t portrayed as a major villain until the Young Justice animated series; which gave fans a true glimpse of his potential. On Stargirl, Sportsmaster will be played by Neil Hopkins.

Brec Bassinger headlines Stargirl as Courtney Whitmore, and the promo briefly recounts her heroic journey. According to Courtney, she’s been chosen by the Cosmic Rod to carry on the legacy of Starman (Joel McHale).  She has also decided to embrace that part of herself as Stargirl.

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Luke Wilson also co-stars on the series as Pat Dugan, Courtney’s stepfather and Starman’s former sidekick. Pat will get in on the action as S.T.R.I.P.E., an armored superhero. Additionally, the series will also feature Amy Smart, Nelson Lee, Joy Osmanski, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano, and Neil Jackson.

DC Universe will premiere Stargirl on Monday, May 11. The CW will follow with its Stargirl premiere on Tuesday, May 12.

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