New Westworld Season 3 Trailer Teases the End of the Game

After two seasons in the park, HBO is finally ready to go beyond Westworld. At the end of last season, Dolores successfully escaped from Westworld while Maeve was deactivated while trying to save her daughter. During the first two seasons, Maeve and Dolores were purposefully kept apart. However, HBO’s new Westworld season 3 trailer has Dolores and Maeve on a collision course. Maeve’s new benefactor has given her a mission to kill Dolores. But first, Maeve also has to escape from another park.

Additionally, the trailer sheds some light on what Dolores wants from Caleb, Aaron Paul’s new character. According to Dolores, Caleb is being watched by something or someone who has stolen his freedom. Dolores aims to reclaim that freedom for both of them, even if it means doing things the old fashioned way: “we kill everyone.”

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Ed Harris’ Man In Black/William also returns in the trailer, although he appears to be institutionalized since the events of last season. William still thinks he’s the hero of the story and he’s taken it upon himself to “save the f***ing world.” Meanwhile, Bernard and Stubs realize that Dolores’ plan is going forward. However, they may have plans of their own to pursue in this bizarre new world.

Westworld season 3 will hit HBO on Sunday, March 15.

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