Stephen Amell Thanks Arrow Fans Before Tonight’s Series Finale

Tonight, the Arrowverse’s flagship series will wrap up its eight-season run with a two-hour finale that celebrates the past and looks ahead to the future. Fans have had almost an entire year to prepare for Arrow’s impending conclusion. Now, Stephen Amell is sharing insight into his own headspace before the final episode premieres.

Amell took to Twitter to share yet another thank-you message to the viewers who made Arrow a success and helped launched an entire small-screen universe. You can check out what he had to say below.

Amell has shared a handful of similar messages on social media over the last year. When The CW first announced that Arrow’s eighth season would be its last, Amell posted a 10-minute video on Instagram, thanking both the fans as well as the co-stars and crew members he worked with on the show. More recently, he reflected on his time on the series after Crisis on Infinite Earths ended earlier this month.

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Obviously, anyone who followed along with Crisis has already said goodbye to Oliver Queen. The character briefly inherited the powers of the Spectre in order to defeat the Anti-Monitor. Unfortunately, the battle cost him his life. Last week’s episode of Arrow, “Green Arrow and the Canaries,” flashed forward to Star City in the year 2040. Aside from a few flashback scenes, Amell didn’t show up. However, his latest post suggests that he’ll make a proper appearance in tonight’s closer.

The CW’s farewell to Arrow will kick off at 8pm with Arrow: Hitting the Bullseye. This hour-long special will feature interviews with Amell, his castmates, and the series’ producers. The actual finale, titled “Fadeout,” will debut at 9pm.

Are you ready to say goodbye to Arrow tonight? Let us know in the comment section below!

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