Birds of Prey’s Ashley Scott Brings Huntress Into Crisis on Infinite Earths

The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths has already lined up two Smallville stars in Tom Welling and Erica Durance. Now, one of the original Birds of Prey is getting in on the action.

According to TVLine, Ashley Scott has signed on to reprise her role as Huntress from the short-lived Birds of Prey series. The show debuted on The WB in 2002, and it depicted a world where Batman abandoned Gotham City. Scott’s Huntress was Helena Kyle, the daughter of Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle). Unlike her parents, Helena inherited a meta gene that gave her enhanced strength and agility, as well as healing abilities and cat-like eyes.

Dina Myer co-starred as former Batgirl turned Oracle, Barbara Gordon. Rachel Skarsten was also featured as Dinah Redmond, a loose interpretation of Black Canary. It seems likely that Skarsten will also return for Crisis, since she’s a series regular on Batwoman as Alice.

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Intriguingly, Kevin Conroy is slated to play an older version of Bruce Wayne during Crisis. Perhaps Helena will get the chance to reunite with her father onscreen nearly two decades after her show ended.

It’s worth noting that there is already a Huntress in the Arrowverse. Jessica De Gouw portrayed Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a mob boss turned vigilante. Her Huntress was inspired by the character’s Post-Crisis incarnation, who was not directly related to Batman.

Crisis on Infinite Earths will kick off on December 8 in Supergirl. Part 2 will hit Batwoman on December 9, before The Flash takes part 3 on December 10. Then on January 14, 2020, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will wrap up the crossover.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ashley Scott reprise her role as Huntress? Should Dina Meyer also come back for the crossover? Let us know in the comment section below!

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