Watchmen Emmy Promo Is on the Brink of War

As HBO’s Watchmen series gets closer to its premiere, the premium network company premiered a new trailer during the Prime Time Emmy Awards. While it has a similar style to a previously released trailer, there is more to unpack. It revolves around the Seventh Kavalry, a group of domestic terrorists that wear masks similar to Rorschach’s.

Regina King leads the cast as Angela Abar, a lead detective for the Tulsa Police Force. When she’s not busy trying to manage her own family, she’s knee deep in an investigation revolving around the Kavalry. To protect herself and her family,  she dons a mask and goes by Sister Night.

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The trailer runs just over a minute, but continues to build the hype for Damon Lindelof’s take on the comic series. He explained in a previous interview how he’s attempting to embrace creator Alan Moore’s “punk rock spirit” while maintaining a new direction.

“[Moore] has made it clear he wants no ongoing affiliation, and to not use his name to get people to watch it,” he said at the time. “I made personal overtures to explain what we are doing, and he declined. As someone who has a very complicated relationship with my dad — I constantly need to prove myself to [someone] … Alan Moore is now my surrogate. I love [that] Alan has a punk rock spirit. I’m channeling his spirit to tell him, ‘F*** you; I’m doing it anyway.’”

The cast also features Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, Jean Smart, Tim Blake Nelson and Louis Gossett Jr.

Watchmen will premiere on HBO on October 20. But fans at New York Comic Con will get to see it early.

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