Preacher season 4 episode 7 recap

Preacher Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

The apocalypse, both within Preacher and beyond, crept closer on this week’s episode. With Jesse taking a dirt nap in the Outback, Tulip and Cassidy were left with only one task left on their to-do list: revenge. The two won’t stop until they punish God, and they knew just how to hit him the heart. But Jesse wasn’t ready to let them have all the fun with the heavenly father. He just has to break out the afterlife first.

By Any Means

Tulip and Cassidy waste no time after watching their closest friend fall to his death. They speed away, stopping only for Tulip to finally read Jesse’s letter. She flees to a small nearby church afterward, fighting back tears. She destroys the interior and burns Jesse’s letter at the altar. But the act actually sparks the perfect idea for vengeance. It’s time to go after God.

The duo can’t physically match up to God, but they know what will deliver a crushing blow. And Tulip knows exactly where to find it. Jesse left the asset in the care of Dany, but she won’t hand it over until Tulip gives in to Dany’s demands. Dany underestimates Tulip’s determination. Tulip kills Dany’s husband, per her request, and returns to collect. It turns out the secret asset is the actual Humperdoo. But Dany isn’t ready to give him up. Tulip and Cassidy try to abduct him, but the messiah himself keeps his followers at bay, choosing to leave with them. Tulip is ready to make God watch as she kills the only thing he loves.

Things Fall Apart

Losing Humperdoo keeps thrusting the Grail further into disarray. And a penis-less Star can’t do anything about it. Hitler informs Jesus that the real Humperdoo is still missing, killing Starr’s last remaining clone. But who needs the real Humperdoo when Jesus would be a fine enough messiah.

Elsewhere in the Masada, Lara remains in disguise as a barista, keeping a close eye on Hoover Two in Starr’s absence. Her dedication pays off when Hoover reveals himself to be an undercover cop from Pensacola intent on exposing the Grail’s conspiracies. A bullet to the head puts an end to that while setting Lara back in the Grail’s good graces.

One Chair To Fill

Not even a burial at the hands of God can keep Jesse from the afterlife. He arrives in a pristine forest, met by the angel Fiore. He leads Jesse to God’s chambers before asking Jesse to assume God’s throne in his absence. Jesse refuses, labeling the act a sin, but Fiore remains persistent. He points out that God sent him here and not taking the throne could defy his will. That begins to tip Jesse off that things might not be as they seem. He has too much hate inside to be in Heaven. The ruse falls apart at the realization, exposing Jesse’s surroundings as a torture cell in Hell.

The setting might be fake, including Fiore, but the request is all too real. Especially when light is shed on God’s plans for the apocalypse. The Lord has become fed up with humanity and is readying for a third creation. God will replace humanity unless Jesse takes the throne.

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