Preacher season 4 episode 6 recap

Preacher Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

No good deed goes unpunished. Even for a Preacher. It’s a lesson Jesse learned by the hand of the young man he tried to save from the Saint of Killers. Granted he also sent Arseface to Hell, so maybe the guy was justified. A bullet found its way into Jesse’s back regardless, leaving him in the hands of the Saint of Killers. But the gunslinger’s lethal intentions aren’t focused on Jesse. His aim was squarely on God, and Jesse remained alive simply as a tool. But Tulip, Cassidy and God himself have other plans.

Phase Two

Negotiations between Hitler and Jesus continue as God notifies Starr that phase two of their plan for Jesse is ready to begin. Starr lies about Humperdoo’s whereabouts once again before setting things in motion. The two pit Australia and New Zealand against one another by blaming the Kiwi Deputy Prime Minister’s murder on the Aussies. The Grail continue the ruse by posing as New Zealand officials while delivering a nuclear bomb to the Outback.

Starr can barely contain his excitement as Jesus and Hitler hit a snag in negotiations. He’s been called to Australia to meet God. That and to finally have his beauty restored. But God has other plans. Most notably a dingo attack to the groin. That’s what you get for deceiving God about losing his kin.

Combing For Clues

Jesse remains alive in the Saint of Killers’ care only because he needs him to complete his goal of killing God. Jesse isn’t too keen on the idea, though. He’d rather ask God what all the pain and loss that befell him means. The Saint shows him what it means by murdering a family in their dining room. The two keep moving through the Outback until Jesse somehow pulls the Saint’s guns on him. But they don’t fire. He returns them to the Saint but warns him that he’ll die before he lets the Saint kill God.

It might not come to that, though. Not with Tulip and Cassidy hot on their trail. Posing as federal agents, the two track Jesse to the murdered family’s home and speed after them until the road ends in the Outback’s expanse. They regroup at a diner with little to go on. Cassidy asks if Jesse’s letter held any clues about his destination but Tulip never brought herself to read it. She allows Cassidy to read it, but it bears no aid. Tulip walks out, leaving Cassidy behind to drum up any substance that’ll get him high.

An RV near the diner sparks her interest. She enters to find it belongs to God. She determines Lost Apostle is where Jesse is headed. God watches from the dark as she leaves. Things are going according to plan.

Showdown At Lost Apostle

Tulip and Cassidy rescue Jessie, knowing the Saint won’t shoot the plane down because he needs Jesse alive. The three make their way to the Lost Apostle site to confront a waiting God. But Jesse becomes concerned when he learns that Tulip’s clue to find him came from God’s RV. The Lost Apostle is a trap. But the plane can’t escape it. The nuke goes off, blowing the door off the plane as they try to escape. Jesse tumbles out but Cassidy catches him. The sun begins to burn his skin, but the vampire won’t let his friend plummet. Jesse is forced to use the Voice to command Cassidy to let him fall, saving his arm. He tells Cassidy to have Tulip read his letter before free-falling to the desert sands.

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