Dark Crystal season 1 episode 2 recap

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The depths of the Skeksis’ selfish desire for immortality reached a new low on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Their corruption of the Crystal of Truth altered it into a force that devours life rather than give it. And they tested this newfound power on Rian’s lover, Mira. The event forced Rian to run, but he couldn’t leave the Crystal Castle without proof of the Skeksis’ misdeeds. He isn’t the only Gelfling searching for truth though. And Aughra’s awakening might help them find expose the traitorous lords of of the crystal.

Forest Friends

Deet marvels at the flora and fauna of the above ground world. She befriends a belly rub loving beast before falling asleep. But not every creature in the forest wants to be friends. Especially a spitter. Deet unsuccessfully runs from the beast, but a brave Podling named Hup flies in to save her. He gets wrapped up in Arathid webbing, but he completes his task when Deet uses him as a wrecking ball against the beast. The two discover they’re both traveling to see the All-Maudra. Hup wants Mayrin to make him a paladin, a rarity for his race. The two decide to travel together.

Elsewhere, Aughra shockingly wakens from her astral projection. She is surprised to learn she’s been under for multiple generations. The growing corruption of Thra permeates her mind. She must find the source. But her research yields no results. She determines that the Skeksis will know what ails her land and leaves for the Crystal Castle.

Escape Plan

Rian remains on the run from the Skeksis and castle guard. The Skeksis worsen matters when they frame him for Mira’s murder. With all exits locked down, Rian turns to Gurjin for help. Friendship thankfully supersedes duty for him. But escape is easy compared to the second part of Rian’s plan. He wants to steal the vile containing Mira’s essence as evidence. You can’t dreamfast if you’re dead, after all.

The two break into skekTek’s lab but are forced to hide when skekSil approaches. He eats the locksnake protecting the vile and steals it himself before being found out by skekTek. The two fight, dropping the vile for Rian and Gurjin to scoop up before running away. SkekTek and skekSil give chase, capturing Gurjin and demanding the vile’s return. But Rian has other plans. Gurjin stabs skekSil in the leg, giving Rian enough time to rush by him and leap from the tower’s window. He splashes down in the sea and sets out to inform the Stonewood clan of the Skeksis’ crimes.

Crime & Punishment

Brea can’t shake the symbol revealed to her by the magical text. The Librarian has no answers, but he does know who might: The Sita clan. He warns her against trusting the Sifa but ultimately helps her meet with the Sifa elder Cadia. He explains that the symbol she saw exists in the dream space and offers her a potion to help her embrace it. But Brea isn’t trusting of him, switching their drinks while Cadia is distracted. That was a clever move.

Cadia’s potion actually erases the memory, meaning that Brea inadvertently erased all of Cadia’s memories. His assistant explains that the symbol is one of a new life cycle. Thra is dying, but she offers to help Brea learn more about it. But Brea might not make that meeting. Mayrin banishes her to the Order of Lesser Service for her recent transgressions against the clans and the All-Maudra herself.

Punishment is on the menu back at the Crystal Castle as well. SkekSo’s rage at Rian’s escape focuses on his fellow Skeksis. He grants Ordon’s request to track down his son before discussing how skekTek should be punished for letting Rian steal the vile. Never mind  skekSil’s role in that as well. SkekTek requires permanent punishment. The peeper beetle. The name itself sounds gross. Things don’t get any less gross when the creature eats one of skekTek’s eyes while the Skeksis cheer it on. 

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