Young Justice: Outsiders episode 26 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 26 Recap

The Markovian crown stood as the prize during the final clash of Young Justice: Outsiders’ triumphant return from the TV afterlife. After tackling personal demons, the Outsiders were forced to contend with a much more tangible one in Baron Bedlam. But the battle raised questions of motive and conviction among the heroes. A king and a leader will rise, but they may not be one and the same.

Inside Job

The unified force of the Outsiders, the Team and Batman’s allies prepare to lead a multi-pronged attack on Baron Bedlam. That’s exactly what Lex is hoping for, though. It will help his argument for metahuman registration, especially with Terra as their ace.

The squad battles Bedlam and Vertigo, flushing the former right into Brion and Terra’s hands. The villains quickly fall, though Brion gets overzealous while beating Bedlam. Gar’s attempt to calm Brion cause Deathstroke to order Terra to kill Gar. But Terra refuses, embracing Artemis’ teachings and love. Vic takes her communicator, allowing Jefferson to hack into the Light’s system and ID its members, including Lex. 

Point Of No Return

The Light might not need Terra to accomplish their goals. Brion lets his anger overwhelm him and kills a surrendering Bedlam via a mouthful of magma. His fellow heroes are stunned, berating him for crossing a line. Violet stands speechless as Brion looks for her reassurance. Brion calls them hypocrites as Terra states they must turn themselves in for their crimes. Her brother disagrees, and he is supported by the cheers of the Markovian people.

Ambassador Zviad Baazovi echoes the sentiment, calling on Brion to take the Markovian throne for himself. Terra wants no part of it and Violet shuns Brion as he betrays his brother. Brion responds by banishing the heroes from Markovia. Lex couldn’t be happier.

A King and a Leader

Brion settles in as king as he begrudgingly reunites with Helga. The Light is in a good spot despite Lex’s forced resignation from the UN after Jefferson and Connor expose his role in current events, Infinity Inc.’s operations and the Cadmus Project. Especially with Zviad on board as a member and Granny suffering tortures at the hand of Darkseid.

The remaining heroes reconvene on the Watchtower, including Jefferson. Dick admits to the secret operations, prompting Wonder Woman and Kaldur to resign as heads of the Justice League. M’gann resigns as the leader of the Team as well. Dick nominates Jefferson as the new leader of the Justice League to wild support. He accepts the role and welcomes Batman and his allies back into the fold. The secret operations that undermine the League’s mission statement are no more.

Things wrap up pretty well. Connor and M’gann make up. Forager chooses to live in his true form. The League is healthy and stable again. But at their private party, a waitress is seen wearing a flight ring with the insignia of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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