Preacher Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

Things were looking up, relatively speaking, for Jesse and his friends after last week’s episode of Preacher. Jesse finally made it to Australia, though he endured a tribulation by sea to get there. Cassidy fought through severe pain to escape the Masada. Tulip even gained a new running buddy, though he may be too righteous for both of their goods. But, like all sunrises, things always turn dark eventually. Even where the sun beats down on everyone without prejudice. Such things are unavoidable. The only decision left to make is what to do when the shade falls.

Walk The Earth

Tulip and Jesus’ plan to get out there and see the world is about to get underway. They return to the bar to find Cassidy waiting, drink in hand. The two celebrate before Tulip punches Cassidy for telling Jesse they slept together. Cassidy seems ready to track down Jesse in Australia, but Tulip has other plans. She invites Cassidy to join the road trip but he remains noncommittal. Tulip leaves him to decide while she preps her car.

Jesus rationalizes his decision as an evolution of his commitment to walk the earth and watch over his people. That and get stoned with Tulip while they wait for Cassidy to make up his mind. Tulip gets tired of waiting and the two leave Cassidy behind. Like any energetic yet rash decision, things deflate quickly. The idea of robbing a bank pushes Jesus to rethink his choice. She turns back, returning Jesus to his apocalyptic conference. We all have to be responsible sometimes. Even in the face of free will. That won’t stop Tulip from telling Jesus his dad is an asshole though.


The many failings of Grail security place Lara at the end of Starr’s pistol, ready to accept her punishment. A series of phone calls stay her execution long enough for her to escape once Starr defiles her by passing the gun to his assistant. A pious soldier such as her won’t have her death defiled by the hand of an unworthy. Starr seems more concerned with beating Hitler with a racquetball racquet for laying eyes on the remaining Humperdoo clone.

Back the bar, Cassidy humors Angel by listening to his advice regarding love and free will. He pushes Cassidy to pursue things with Tulip until his demonic lover arrives for an earthshaking trist. Cassidy, unaware that Tulip left him behind, argues with himself about what to do as Angel’s hookup turns into a holy battle. He decides to go with Tulip without ever knowing she was gone. It’s time to book a flight to Australia.

Saying Sorry

Jesse could use all the help he can get. He uses the Voice to correct a rental car clerk’s stutter, signaling the Saint of Killers, fresh off massacring the contents of Melbourne’s tourist center, to his location. He and Arseface track him to a parking garage before Jesse and Arseface come face-to-face. Arseface tells Jesse to run as the Saint emerges. Jesse drives away but can’t shake the guilt of leaving Arseface behind at the whim of the Saint. He turns around and rescues his young follower by taking a wrecking ball to the Saint.

Jesse finally apologizes for sending Arseface to Hell. He can’t absolve himself of his action. Arseface is a good Christian whose faith was betrayed by his preacher. The apology satisfies Arseface, though they’re on the run once again after Jesse fails to hotwire the car. They steal a cop car instead. The Saint learns this via police communications and continues his pursuit. The weight lifted off Jesse by absolution returns when Arseface decides saying sorry isn’t enough. He shoots Jesse in the back, leaving him bleeding in the road as the Saint arrives. An apology isn’t as satisfying as putting a bullet in Jesse’s brain.

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