Young Justice: Outsiders episode 23 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 23 Recap

The young heroes of Young Justice: Outsiders went way over their heads this time. With Violet now fully under Granny Goodness’ control, the team was left with little clue as to her whereabouts. That is, until they found aid from an unlikely place: Vandal Savage. His help leads them to a confrontation at The Orphanage. One that they, nay anyone, could be ready for.

Where We’ve Been, Who’ve We Been

Gar and the Outsiders stew as Gretchen Goode publicly decries the group for raids on Goode Industries facilities. They were done in an effort to find Violet, but that doesn’t matter to the public. Artemis calms him while Connor and M’gann argue over her involvement with Batman’s shadow operation. She sacrificed her principles in order to save lives, but Connor isn’t moved. He believes she loses a bit of her soul every time she lies, mentioning how she brain-fried Kaldur previously. Lies alter minds just like psychic powers.

Jefferson remains far from the group. Sharing a hot dog with Static on the Santa Monica beach. He pours over his past with Helga and her betrayal. Jefferson walks the streets of Dakota City alone while internalizing his anger toward both friend and foe. He isn’t able to find some happiness until he returns home and watches Anissa cosplay as Black Lightning. 

Fever Dream

The Hub’s buzzing is interrupted by the arriving Vandal Savage. He offers coordinates to Violet’s location if the team tells their abductor who sent them. They take him up on the offer and head out with Kaldur and a still mending Dick in tow. They quickly recognize the location as The Orphanage after boom tubing there. Forager, Brion and Terra set off to find Violet as Kaldur recalls that the Justice League was set to attack The Orphanage, yet there’s no sign of that assault.

It isn’t long before they’re attacked by a number of villains and parademons. Dick takes a harsh blow that sends him into a dreamlike state. He sees Wally West there and views his fellow heroes as their younger selves. The sight reinvigorates Dick. He hacks a Javelin ship to help defeat their foes. The battle won, Artemis informs Dick that they all experienced his fever dream and they share a heartfelt moment over their lost friend. Wally is always fighting by their side.

Purple Reign

After evading Mantis, Forager, Brion and Terra confront Granny Goodness. They prepare to attack when J’on J’onzz suddenly appears, takes their Mother Box and breaks their psychic link to M’gann. It turns out the Justice League did carry out their attack. But they fell under Granny’s control thanks to Violet and the Anti-Life Equation.

Connor, Kaldur and M’gann argue about whether she should brain-fry everyone in order to combat Granny’s psychic hold on the others. Connor is incensed about the idea, but M’gann is convinced her soul is a worthy sacrifice to save everyone. They arrive and enact their plan, but M’gann isn’t powerful enough to stop a weaponized Violet. A blast of purple energy brings all of the heroes under Granny’s control. The Anti-Life Equation strikes again. And now, no one is left to stop Granny from spreading its influence throughout the universe. She arms Violet again and decrees the dawning of the age of Darkseid.

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