S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 10 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 10 Recap

Courses have collided, leaving the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with little to do other than celebrate their victory. That and, in May’s case, putting four bullets into Sarge. That’s certainly one way to party. But the real May wouldn’t do something so heinous. No, there had to be something else going down in the lighthouse. Izel might not be as dead as originally thought, and she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve to get what she wants. 

Mistaken Identity

Sarge’s body is carted out as Mack questions May about his shooting. May confesses immediately before being taken to interrogation with Daisy. Shooting a prisoner in holding is unlike May in so many ways. May remains adamant that she had to kill Sarge regardless of how extreme the circumstances. Daisy, Piper and Yo-Yo remain suspicious. Even if May did go too, she definitely wouldn’t use a gun. The three separate to investigate, with Yo-Yo staying behind with May.

May reveals that she has no knowledge of shooting Sarge almost immediately after they separate. Piper is overrun by an unknown force and waltzes into Fitz’s lab to steal a Shrike crystal. She doesn’t overhear his and Deke’s discussion about Sarge, Coulson and Izel’s connection through the destroyed monoliths. Deke catches up to Piper only to have Izel jump from her body to his. The Shrike creator is possessing bodies to reach an unknown goal. The rest piece together what is happening after realizing Izel used May to shoot Sarge. Mack puts the Lighthouse on lockdown. Izel isn’t going anywhere. 


That might be the worst result though. Izel could be inside any one of them. The one weakness to her ruse is that she cannot access her host’s memories. The crew uses closely held secrets to absolve themselves. Mack locks Yo-Yo and Daisy in a separate room after they’re cleared out of fear that Izel would take over their powered bodies. A few accusations are hurled about until Mack singles out Fitz. He can’t answer Mack’s question and Izel reveals herself.

She jumps between multiple bodies, demanding to know which of them is the director. She forces Mack to choke Deke and makes Piper shoot herself in the hand as threats. But the team won’t budge. She jumps through nearly everybody, landing in Davis, and forces him to jump to his death from a catwalk. The shocked group watch as Izel takes Mack’s body and makes her way toward her goal. 


Sarge and Simmons remain separated from the rest of the group as Simmons tries to stabilize him. That task proves fairly easy as Sarge’s body is healing itself. He finally wakes up and frees himself from his restraints just in time to confront Izel. She left Mack cuffed to a pipe as she recovers a gravitonium device, the last housing of the monoliths’ power. The same power that Fitz deduces might have created Sarge after Coulson sealed himself inside the fear dimension.

Sarge shoots Izel multiple times, but the bullets have no effect. Izel reveals that she and Sarge are more similar than he realizes. His memories of his family aren’t real. They’re merely leftover traces from the body Sarge inhabited. The two of them are from the same realm, one populated by non-corporeal beings. Sarge isn’t there to stop Izel. He’s there to join her and help her open a gate to their realm, unleashing the Shrike on this realm’s corporeal beings. Sarge is conflicted but remains opposed to Izel.

It’s a shame to Izel, but she has more pressing matters. She takes the gravitonium device and steals Yo-Yo’s body before demanding use of the Quinjet. Mack relents on one condition: he goes with her. The two leave the Lighthouse with May trusting his decision. Fitz learns of Izel and Sarge’s realm via security footage, sparking memories of Ghost Rider. Meanwhile, Sarge remains in holding trying to convince himself of his beliefs. But his body is becoming unstable.

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