S.H.I.E.L.D. season 6 episode 9 recap

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Episode 9 Recap

There’s nothing like a good two-parter to spice things up a bit. Especially one that packed as much into nearly two hours as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s “Collision Course” did. A Shrike tower beckoned the parasitic creatures’ creator, Izel, to Earth while Mack led his agents into the fray. At least until Sarge maneuvered his way into taking the bridge from Mack while sending his truck, full of friend and foe alike, toward the tower with an atom bomb onboard. Something had to give in the long-running battle between Sarge and Izel, but neither would have thought that S.H.I.E.L.D. would deliver that punch.

Time To Dazzle

Sarge’s truck continues barreling toward the Shrike tower with Daisy, May, Deke, Snowflake and an atom bomb onboard. Deke takes it upon himself to attempt to defuse the bomb but he is unable to do so. All that’s left is to pray as the truck nears the tower. Daisy has a better option. She contains the bomb in a forcefield as the tower crashes into the tower, sending the Shrike into chaos.

The creatures begin pelting the truck thanks to the repeller being shot, forcing the crew to regroup quickly. The Shrike begins to penetrate the vehicle, but Daisy offers another bright idea. With May, Deke and Snowflake protecting the bomb, Daisy opens the door, creating a chokepoint, and lets the Shrike in before reducing them to dust.

Completing The Mission

While all of that is going on on the ground, there is plenty of chaos occurring in the air. Sarge, Jaco and Pax rush Mack and take the bridge as Yo-Yo preps a rescue mission to the truck. Sarge activates a forcefield to keep Yo-Yo away and forces the ship to retreat. They can’t be in the blast radius when the tower goes kaboom. But the kaboom never comes, thrusting Sarge into another fit of anger. Yo-Yo’s return doesn’t help things. She uses Pax as bait to get Sarge to bring the forcefield down momentarily, but Sarge kills Pax instead. At least she had enough time to sneak Mack a handcuff key.

A distress signal from Izel’s ship finally opens up communication channels, allowing Fitz and Simmons to finally contact their friends. They confirm they’re on Izel’s ship, prompting Sarge to call out his enemy. Izel reveals that Sarge destroyed her planet, but Sarge states that he did so to stop the spread of Izel’s creations. Izel doesn’t want to kill Sarge, though she has no problem infecting her entire crew, sans Fitz & Simmons. Sarge isn’t so merciful toward Izel. She points out that Sarge never had memories of a family to mourn to begin with and cuts communications. Fitz & Simmons recognition of Sarge’s voice as that of Coulson causes her to turn on them, causing them to run and hide.

Mack takes the opportunity to free himself and retake the bridge before gathering a team, including a now-allied Jaco to infiltrate Izel’s ship and rescue their friends. Mack and Yo-Yo find the pair while Jaco and Davis try to flank an unaware Izel before she seemingly vanishes. The team escapes via the portal in Jaco’s coat, reuniting with the squad on the truck. But Jaco’s job isn’t done. He grabs the bomb and reopens the portal. He tells them to let Sarge know he completed the mission before returning to Izel’s ship and sacrificing himself to activate the bomb.


The agents celebrate the win in differing ways. May continues to stew over not killing Sarge when she first met him, but Yo-Yo toasts Jaco’s memory to break that train of thought. Deke cannot contain his excitement after being reunited with Fitz & Simmons. Davis strangely falls asleep out of nowhere as Sarge is hauled away to a proper cell. Daisy demands that Snowflake be locked up as well. She is a serial killer after all. Mack closes everything out by toasting the reunited S.H.I.E.L.D. team before rekindling his romance with Yo-Yo. Everyone seems to be settling down once again. But May has other plans. She enters Sarge’s cell and shoots him multiple times, appearing to kill him.

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