Jessica Jones season 3 episode 11 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Jessica Jones’ realization that Trish killed officer Nussbaumer came a moment too late. It’s awfully hard to prove your innocence from inside an interrogation room, but Trish’s side of the story might help her out. Trish recalls lessons from her youth in the leadup to her mother’s funeral. Painful lessons that renewed her vigor to make things right. At least her version of right. It’s Trish’s turn to go full-fledged vigilante on a mission to clean up the city and clear her sister’s name. Hopefully, she knows when to stop.

It’s Patsy

Dorothy’s death sends Trish into a reminiscing period, recalling pivotal points from her days as a child star. Dorothy’s overbearing qualities are on full display while running lines with Trish ahead of an audition. She constantly tells her that their future is riding on Trish’s shoulders, forcing her to take too much responsibility for a young girl. Dorothy makes Trish wear an auburn wig at the audition despite Trish’s protests to curry favor with the producer. She talks her way to the front of the line. Her trite actions work and Trish gets a supporting part in the show. But that isn’t good enough for Dorothy. Trish may be happy being the sidekick, but Dorothy won’t be content until Trish is the lead. She makes Trish use underhanded tactics to read for the lead again, and Dorothy’s tactics work once again.

Things turn more cringey after Trish gets the lead role. Dorothy forces Trish act more adult and lead by example. She physically abuses and gaslights her daughter to follow her orders. Trish continues to kill in the role. So much so that Dorothy convinces the producer to change the name of the show to “It’s Patsy.” She remains an overbearing, grating stage mom, but she is still capable of love in some fashion. She hugs Trish and tells her how genuinely proud she is of her accomplishments. Negative reinforcement never looked so good on stage.

Making It Right

Those childhood memories drive Trish to seek vengeance for her mother. Her assault on Greg, anger at Jeri’s reward and beating of her abusive hotel neighbor are all informed by that reinforcement. Her heroic drive renewed, Trish pays Greg a visit in the hospital. Greg accuses her of deriving power from trying to kill him, but Trish lets the remark slide off her back. Greg’s mention of Dorothy’s murder photo lands harder. He left it somewhere in Dorothy’s apartment. Somewhere Trish will know to look.

A quick search of Dorothy’s photo albums produces the gut-wrenching photo, causing Trish to break down. The sight and some choice words from Dorothy’s doorman set Trish back on her quest for vengeance but with a broader focus. She recruits a wary Erik and sets her sights on Nussbaumer at Erik’s mention. She has to do something good. Unfortunately, that something good results in Trish accidentally killing Nussbaumer during a secret meeting meant to coerce a confession from him. She freaks out, takes his badge and tries to deal with seeing Greg’s face while assaulting Nussbaumer. Erik is feeling much more exuberant following Nussbaumer’s death. His headache is gone.

I’ve Got This

Trish returns to Erik after learning that Jessica is being eyed as Nussbaumer’s murderer. Both panic at the news, but Erik has an idea. They should attack another evildoer to throw the cops off Jessica’s scent. They both know that Jessica will find out eventually, but Trish doesn’t want Jessica to lose faith in Erik. Erik brings Jace Montero to Trish’s attention. Their target is set and Trish thinks Erik won’t be able to resist helping people after their work is done.

Jeri confronts Trish at home before the plan goes into action. Her knowledge of Trish’s secret elicits a physical threat. But Jeri comes in hopes for an exchange. She’ll destroy the footage of Trish at her firm if she helps Jeri expose Demetri. Trish agrees but reminds Jeri that she goes after bad people. All bad people.

Erik and Trish are forced to speed up their plan as the police have an arrest warrant for Jessica. Erik tips Trish off that Jessica is following her and sicks the police on his friend. But it provides the perfect alibi. They go after Montero, forcing confessions out of him. But Trish loses control. She sees Greg when she beats Montero. Erik barges in and calls Trish off, but the damage is already done. Montero is dead. Trish leaves Nussbaumer’s badge with Montero’s body and tries to justify her actions to an erratic Erik. She’s making the world a better place. Erik calls off their partnership, but Trish is perfectly fine continuing as a solo act. She leaves as Erik’s headache returns.

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