Jessica Jones season 3 episode 10 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

Jessica Jones all but sold her soul to save her sister when she destroyed evidence to keep her identity a secret. It didn’t take long for that sacrifice of character to double back on her. The dirty cop, Nussbaumer, wound up dead and Jessica is the prime suspect. That’s a hefty load to shoulder while preparing for your adoptive mother’s funeral. Jessica new goal became clearing her name, but doing so might put those closest to her in jeopardy. Even worse, it might put them in the same spot she was in 24 hours prior, and they might not be willing to put family over justice.

Prime Suspect

Jessica fields questions from detectives as they search her office. She’s at the top of the suspect list since Nussbaumer’s body cam connected her to him. The cops find Erik’s file on Nussbaumer in Jessica’s desk and leave so Jessica can meet Trish at the funeral home. Dorothy’s will, which is still held by Jeri, outlines the details of the service, leaving little work in her daughters’ hands. Trish has to give her eulogy and Jessica just has to show up. Things can’t be that simple though. The detectives followed Jessica there and accost Trish outside. Jessica pulls her away and reveals her suspicions of Erik. She isn’t about to hand him over, but she wants to know the truth.

Luckily, Erik comes to her. He denies killing Nussbaumer but isn’t upset that a dirty cop is off the streets. This does little to quell Jessica’s doubts. She sneaks by the cops staking out her place to meet Erik at his hotel room. They hook up, but Jessica’s true intention is unveiled after Erik goes to sleep. She searches his room, finding files similar to the one he put together on Nussbaumer on a number of people. A quick search from Mal uncovers one target, Jace Montero, is still alive but is a suspected murderer. He also discovers that Nussbaumer’s killer took his badge. Montero is a likely target of whoever beat Nussbaumer to death. The discovery nets Jessica her first quiet moment during which she finally cries over Dorothy’s death.

Outside The Lines

Jeri remains persistent with Kith while trying to out Trish as the masked woman. Both plans backfire. Kith refuses to endorse Jeri’s nefarious tactics to prevent Kith’s rival, Demetri, from filing a countersuit against her over Peter’s crimes. Jessica arrives at the will reading instead of Trish, where she learns that Dorothy left her the chair that she secluded herself to as a child before firing and ridiculing Jeri. Demetri forces Kith’s hand when he threatens to send her to jail. Despite her better judgment and pain at using the same tactics that brought down her husband, she gives Jeri the green light to smear Demetri.

Malcolm’s departure from the firm takes a toll on his relationship with Zaya. she has aspirations to be the next Jeri and Malcolm can’t stomach the things he did under Jeri’s employ. The disconnect leaves their relationship in shambles, but the surprise return of Brianna might brighten Malcolm’s spirits. She’s clean and wants a chance to restart, beginning by asking to stay at Malcolm’s while she gets on her feet. He agrees, but there may be more to this arrangement. Brianna recognizes the good in Malcolm. That unearths an attraction between them and they act on those feelings ahead of Dorothy’s funeral.

Don’t Waste It

All of the outside noise washes away as Jessica and Trish prepare to put their mother to rest. Trish isn’t confident in her eulogy, but Jessica reassures her. Even imperfect parents are hard to bury. They’re both surprised to find Dorothy’s funeral full of people she influenced and touched. She was far more influential and beloved than the two thought she was. Jessica lets down her facade long enough to pin a picture from an old camera on Dorothy’s memory board before Trish takes the mic. Unfortunately, Gillian calls Jessica at the same time. The cops are on their way with an arrest warrant for Jessica.

The impending arrival of the police doesn’t keep Jessica from staying for Trish’s eulogy, but she notices bruising on Trish’s hands and wrists. Trish killed Nussbaumer. Jessica flees and stakeouts Trish overnight. She tries to follow her but police intercept her, placing her under arrest for Nussbaumer’s murder.

Jessica’s hunch might be right. And Trish has a partner: Erik. He stands lookout outside Montero’s office as he cries for help. He’s taking a severe beating and listening to it gets to Erik. He opens the door to see a masked Trish beating Montero to death.

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