Jessica Jones season 3 episode 9 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Somber is the only word that accurately describes anyone’s mood heading into the back half of Jessica Jones’ final season. Dorothy’s death and Trish’s vengeance stood as a dire cause and effect, but it played directly into what Greg wanted. He may be permanently disfigured, but he has something to hold over Jessica’s head. And he wasted no time cashing in, offering Jessica a choice no one ever wants to make: family or justice. Love certainly can compromise the soul.

Poor Choice

Jessica prevents Trish from killing Greg, but he is left bloodied, beaten and clinging to life. Trish wants to finish the job, but Jessica dissuades her. She ultimately has to knock Trish out in order for them to escape before the police arrive. They set up shop in Trish’s ratty hotel room where she finally breaks down in mourning. Jessica comforts her, but the thought that Greg can ID Trish as the masked woman stays in the back of her mind. She is unable to convince Trish to skip town for a while but rebukes Costa’s offer to protect her. Things are further complicated when Jeri offers a $250,000 reward to anyone that can identify the masked woman. The final issue arrives in the form of a text message. Greg has a photo of an unmasked Trish attacking him

Jessica poses as a doctor and corners Greg in a hospital elevator. He offers to not release the photo if she destroys the evidence against him. Greg knows how much she wants to save her sister. Jessica returns home already planning a break-in at the crime lab when Erik returns. He offers to help, but Jessica isn’t sure what to do. Trish is willing to do jail time for her actions if it means Greg is put away, but Jessica isn’t content letting her make such a sacrifice. Erik points her in the direction of a dirty cop that they harass and threaten into letting them into the crime lab. The cop promises to make Erik regret showing him his face.

Diverging Paths

Malcolm questions Jeri’s reasoning after announcing the reward. Jeri is unmoved despite Greg clearly being at fault for killing Dorothy. There’s no straying from her chosen path. The same can’t be said for Malcolm. Jessica asks him to bring Trish some clothes and help get her out of the hotel. He fulfills the request, but Trish isn’t leaving and is disillusioned with hero work. His convictions finally take priority and he confronts Jeri with the undoctored footage showing him let the masked woman go. Malcolm quits and smiles in the face of Jeri’s threats. He won’t protect a murderer any longer even if Jeri and Zaya will.

Jeri has some Kith-flavored issues on her plate as well. Laurent drops by to ask for legal aid. It seems that one board member is still pursuing Kith to remedy Peter’s embezzlements. The news gives Jeri a reason to confront Kith and offer aid, but Kith wants nothing from her. Jeri comes clean about her involvement in exposing Peter and how she’s followed Kith from a distance for years. Both admissions do little to soothe Kith, but Jeri’s mention of Laurent gets her attention. She storms out but returns later with financial records. The least Kith can do is take advantage of Jeri’s guilt for help avoiding an undue judgment. Jeri starts looking things over, but a discovery in the security footage Malcolm gave her stops her dead. A reflection in a computer monitor gives away Trish’s secret identity.

Lost To The Wind

Erik recalls how the only time he used his power for good destroyed his family as he and Jessica wait outside the crime lab. The gate opens and Jessica makes her move. Things quickly complicate when she finds Costa in the lab with the evidence from Nathan’s body. She causes a sewage backup that forces them out of the building and grabs the hairs. She contemplates what she’s about to do before blowing the hairs into the sewage pile and positioning a fan to take the heat. The deed done, she informs Greg and their deal is done.

Trish is beside herself when she learns of Jessica’s actions. It doesn’t matter that Jessica chose her sister. Greg has to pay. The sisters separate and Jessica goes back to the office. Her actions continue to eat at her when Costa pays her a visit. He tells her about the damaged evidence before revealing that he’s been put on leave by the department. This only compounds Jessica’s guilt. Things get even worse the next morning when Jessica is woken up by the NYPD. They have a search warrant and want to question Jessica about the murder of the dirty cop that let them into the crime lab. Jessica immediately thinks Erik is the culprit, but there’s much more to sift through.

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