Jessica Jones season 3 episode 8 recap

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

New evidence from an old murder has the potential to put Greg behind bars for good, but there’s always a period before fate falls. That was enough time for Greg to send Jessica Jones on yet another race through NYC to stave off a murder. The two traded barbs via social media, but no amount of words would keep Greg from killing again. Only Jessica and Trish could stop that. They just had to hope they could stay one step ahead.

InstaYap Story

Jessica cannot escape a scolding from Costa despite finding Nathan’s body. He wants Jessica to either convince the masked woman to turn herself in or stop. Neither is going to happen, but Jessica still needs to have a chat with her sister. She storms into her studio during a live segment and waits to speak with her. Jessica receives a video from Greg promising to kill again at 7 PM before she can speak to Trish. She immediately blames herself for showing up Greg the previous night, but Trish isn’t letting that fly. Dorothy protests but Trish leaves with Jessica.

Trish confirms the video was filmed that morning while Jessica gives Costa a heads up. He tries to stop Jessica from entering Greg’s apartment, swearing he couldn’t have gotten past his surveillance. They find a body double in Greg’s place. An angered Costa is sent away by Jessica so she can provoke a response from Greg. She sends him a video showing her destroying his degrees and awards. An incensed Greg responds with another video following the same woman from the earlier video. He promises to expose Jessica as a fraud where her heroic journey began.

Prime Time

With little means to warn the entire city and find Greg’s potential victim, Jessica begrudgingly agrees to a live interview. It turns volatile immediately, but Jessica is able to warn the city while deflecting questions about the masked woman. Jessica and Trish try to identify the woman while numerous women that fit the description rush to police precincts. The duo has no luck Identifying the woman but they do stumble across the GT Agrochemical building. They believe this could be where Greg meant to lead them considering the car accident that empowered Jessica and killed her family involved a GT Agrochemical truck.

The duo enters the building and battle off security before identifying Greg’s potential victim as an employee named Mona Lee.  They find and secure her, but there’s no sign of Greg. Jessica is upset about being played, but there is some good news. Costa has Nathan’s body at the crime lab. Press swarm Jessica as she exits the building but Trish swoops and lifts her away.

War On Superheroes

Zaya brings the footage of Malcolm and the masked woman to Jeri’s attention, but doctors the footage so as to not incriminate Malcolm. Jeri is upset regardless and demands that Malcolm unmask this new vigilante despite his defense of Jessica and other supers. Zaya confronts Malcolm about his relationship with the masked woman afterward. Malcolm reiterates that the masked woman isn’t a villain, but Zaya remains unswayed. She deduces that Malcolm knows the vigilante and pits their relationship against his secret.

Later that night, Jeri takes to the media yet again to decry Jessica and her new partner. She slanders Jessica in comments to the New York Bulletin and declares that she’s coming for her and the masked woman. The reporter brings up Peter’s claims and suicide, but Jeri ends the conversation by instigating a war on superheroes.

True Target

Jessica returns to the office to regroup, but she can’t shake that Trish could be a target despite Greg not knowing she’s her masked partner. Malcolm joins her, filling her in on his knowledge of Trish and Jeri’s desire to unmask her. He promises not to do so, but a keen observation from Jessica reveals a more pressing matter. Trish might not be the only target for Greg. If he’s targeting her family, then Dorothy might be as well.

That is confirmed when Trish finds Dorothy’s mutilated body in her living room. Jessica calls and tries to calm her, but Trish is bewildered. Greg has to pay. Jessica rushes to Greg’s apartment, arriving just in time to catch an unmasked Trish as she brings a knife to Greg’s claw-marked throat.

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