SYFY Cancels Deadly Class and Happy!

Two of SYFY’s comic book inspired TV shows have come to an abrupt end. Via Deadline, SYFY has canceled Deadly Class and Happy! despite encouraging signs from both shows. However, Happy! and Deadly Class may still get renewals if they can find a new home.

According to Deadline, Happy! may have the stronger chance to get a new home. Apparently the first season is a good performer for Netflix, and it’s being compared to You; a Lifetime drama that also found new life on Netflix. The report states that “a Netflix pickup appears unlikely, but the studio’s efforts are ongoing.” The Happy! TV series is based upon Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s Image comic book. Christopher Meloni headlined the show as Nick Sax, a former detective turned hitman. Patton Oswalt co-stars as the voice of Happy, an imaginary creature that appears to Sax.

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Rick Remender co-created Deadly Class with artist Wes Craig; and Remender also served as the showrunner on SYFY’s adaptation. The series followed the exploits at a school for assassins called King’s Dominion in the ’80s. Although Deadly Class apparently had stronger numbers than Happy!, the fact that SYFY didn’t own the series apparently led to its cancellation. Sony Pictures TV will also attempt to keep Deadly Class alive by shopping it to other networks.

Which network or streaming service should pick up Deadly Class and Happy! for new seasons? Let us know in the comment section below!

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