Neil Gaiman Says Dead Boy Detectives Shares a Universe With The Sandman

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. Discovery sold the rights to the upcoming Dead Boy Detectives series to Netflix, placing it on the same streaming service as another Neil Gaiman adaptation, The Sandman. The former series’ titular sleuths made their first appearance in The Sandman #25 in 1991. So the move prompted speculation over whether the shows’ characters could crossover with one another as they did in the comics. And thanks to Gaiman himself, we finally have an answer.

On Tuesday, showrunner Steve Yockey announced on Twitter that production had wrapped on Dead Boy Detectives’ first season. He was subsequently congratulated by Gaiman, who praised what he’s seen of the show so far. But when asked by a fan if the series will take place in the same universe as Doom Patrol — where the characters made their live-action debut in 2021 — or The Sandman, Gaiman confirmed it would be the latter. You can view his response below.

Originally, Dead Boy Detectives was set up at HBO Max. But even before the series relocated to Netflix, a Doom Patrol crossover never seemed like it was in the cards. That’s because Doom Patrol will run its final six episodes sometime later this year. Additionally, the actors headlining Dead Boy Detectives as Charles Rowland (Jayden Revri) and Edwin Payne (George Rexstrew) are completely different from the ones who played the characters in Doom Patrol season 3.

Neither Netflix nor Warner Bros. TV have backed up Gaiman’s claims. Regardless, a crossover isn’t bound to happen anytime soon. Dead Boy Detectives was more than halfway through filming by the time it swapped streaming platforms. As for Sandman, Gaiman recently announced that the scripts for season 2 have already been finished. But potentially they could be rewritten before production starts.

Are you happy to hear that Dead Boy Detectives and The Sandman are officially sharing a live-action universe? Let us know in the comment section below!

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