Deadly Class Creator Rick Remender Signs 3-Year Exclusive Deal With Image Comics

Comic book writer Rick Remender has inked a three-year exclusive deal with Image Comics.

“Bestselling, creative trailblazer Rick Remender has signed a three-year exclusive contract with Image Comics, effective immediately,” the publisher announced in a press release (via The Beat). “This exclusive gives Remender carte blanche on his upcoming titles and signals a wave of exciting plans for his Giant Generator imprint.”

Rick Remender turned down Marvel and DC in favor of Image

Over the years, Remender has penned such Image titles as Deadly Class (which got a television adaptation at Syfy in 2019), Fear Agent, Black Science, Stranger Girl, and Low. He founded Giant Generator in 2016. However, in addition to his creator-owned work, Remender is known for writing titles like Uncanny X-Force and Captain America for Marvel Comics. This is of note, as the writer actually turned down more Marvel work in favor of going exclusive with Image. Remender also passed on working for DC.

“I’ve recently turned down very generous offers to write X-Men and Batman, and while flattered, that would ultimately be a step backwards artistically, and not where my heart is at,” Remender said. “Image takes no OWNERSHIP, so my partners and I co-own 100% of our properties. It’s short-term vs long-term thinking. You want to build your own house? Make something that your children will inherit? Image is the only place. This contract is me saying that I bet on myself. I bet on my collaborators. I bet on our characters, stories, and owning what we make. Exclusively. With all we’ve got. Like our lives are on the line.”

“Working with Rick is like speeding down the open road in a convertible with the top down,” Image publisher and chief creative officer Eric Stephenson said. “When he’s behind the wheel of his Giant Generator comics imprint, there is always some new high speed adventure or undiscovered place to visit. All creativity and energy. If that isn’t the Image Comics spirit, I don’t know what is. Looking forward to finding out where he’ll take us next.”