Doom Patrol season 1 episode 8 recap

Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

Sometimes fractures exacerbate as more effort is put into repairing them. Such a commitment is admirable, but, in the wrong hands, the broken can sprout new cracks as existing ones widen. Cliff’s hands weren’t an exception to this rule, and his therapeutic suggestions left the Doom Patrol, including himself, more faulty than ever. Never was there a more perfect time for a sentient bastion for socially-defined oddballs to pop into frame. Enter Danny the Street. Their message of inclusion and acceptance offered comfort, even as some old enemies drew closer. It proved to be a heartwarming detour of empowerment as Jane continued the descent into her own mind elsewhere. Danny gave these outcasts solid footing, but what can you do for someone falling deeper into the Underground?

Danny Street, USA

Agent Morris Wilson comes across a city block in the middle of a forest. He makes his way onto Danny Street, seeing a diverse community of smiling people before being greeted by the street itself. A quick glance at a dress in the window of “Danny’s Menswear” leads Morris to the heart of the street, Peeping Tom’s Perpetual Cabaret. The ground rumbles shortly afterward and Morris’ partner, Duncan Jones, rushes in to find Danny Street gone.

Back at Doom Manor, Vic and Cliff continue to be chippy with one another after Vic repairs him. Jane’s painting continues to haunt Vic, causing him to remain distant from Cliff. Larry relives his own painful imagery via nightmare, recalling his capture and experimental torture at the hands of a mysterious government organization. His attempt to comfort Vic as he stares holes through the painting is interrupted by the doorbell. They find a note asking for Chief and a cake displaying a map to Danny Street in Springfield, OH. Vic points out that there is no Danny Street in Springfield, but Larry is undeterred. The two travel to Danny Street, finding it gray and desolate. The only bright spot is the Perpetual Cabaret’s marquee.

Normal: A State Of Mind

Larry and Vic enter the cabaret and take in its drag show with a small number of unenthused patrons. Mora Lee Corrupt calls the two out, mentioning that Danny told her to ask about Chief. Her words draw their curiosity as she lays out Danny’s true essence. They are a genderqueer sentient street housing those that society cast aside and turned away, gathering them under the moniker “Dannyzens.” Danny knows the Chief and needs his help. Duncan is still on their trail, causing Danny to constantly teleport across the globe for a number of years. Danny reveals that Duncan is an agent for the Bureau of Normalcy by flashing the same crest that haunts Larry. His and Danny’s enemy are the same.

Mora Lee reveals that she is Morris, Duncan’s former partner. She stayed with Danny and tipped him off to the Bureau’s assault after understanding they helped her understand her true self. Years on the run has put strain on the Dannyzens, causing the happiness that fuels Danny to wane. None of them feel safe with Duncan constantly on their heels. The group remain brave despite their fear, but the joy must return for Danny to survive. Vic offers to help but Larry has no desire to fight the Bureau that fuels his nightmares. He retreats to the cabaret but is forced to sing karaoke. His reluctant beginning gives way to a colorful celebration of sexual, gender, religious and racial inclusivity. It’s beautiful enough to make a grown man cry. Unfortunately, this too is an apparition of Larry’s mind. In reality, he refuses to sing and leaves the club.

Love Sick

Elsewhere, Rita and Cliff are left to deal with the worst of Jane’s personas: Karen. Rita describes her as a love sick psychopath, existing as the most toxic elements of a perpetual rom com. She constantly ends and rekindles a romance with an unassuming man named Doug, though Rita doesn’t understand how she continues to win him back. Regardless, Karen and Doug are back together and she invites Rita and Cliff over to Doug’s home. Karen doesn’t recognize Cliff and forces him to stay outside so as to not freak out Doug’s already upset parents. Cliff’s apologies once again go unheard.

Rita tries to convince Karen to break things off with Doug as his parents berate him for again running back to the Karen’s crazed arms. Karen doesn’t want to hear it, but the conversation allows Hammerhead to surface momentarily. She lashes out at Rita before warning her of Karen’s love spell. Karen quickly returns and wastes no time proposing to Doug, flashing her spellbinding eyes at both him and his family. Doug’s parents are immediately on board with the marriage, leaving Rita the lone dissenter until she too falls under Karen’s influence.

Rita lets Cliff, fresh off a dance battle with a local kid, in to see Karen in her wedding dress. Her desire to have Cliff give her away is met with resistance. Her spell doesn’t work on Cliff and his attempt to take her away reawakens Hammerhead. She tries to kill Doug but Karen regains control, stopping the act. She soon falls back into the depths of her mind, ultimately being pulled into the Underground. Jane’s body is left catatonic in Doug’s foyer.

Turn The Party

Mora Lee, dressed as Morris, confronts Vic and Larry on the street. She is leaving Danny in order to rejoin the Bureau and throw them off their scent. Larry doesn’t like the idea but Mora Lee is committed to do anything to keep Danny safe. The idea doesn’t sit well with Danny either, but their time has run out. Duncan and the Bureau of Normalcy will arrive soon. Faced with possible destruction, Danny decides that they have run for long enough. It’s time to make a stand.

Mora Lee and the Dannyzens meet Duncan and the Bureau, combatting their insults with solid self-realization. The Bureau doesn’t get to tell them who they are. Danny gets rid of Duncan’s men, leaving him to take a beating from Mora Lee. She tells him to leave, but Larry has some parting words for him as well: Cpt. Trainor sends his best.

Danny offers Vic solace for his fears, pointing out that Chief would be proud of his actions. Vic remains afraid that he’ll never rescue Chief from Mr. Nobody and asks Danny to help. The mention of Mr. Nobody puts Danny on their heels. Mr. Nobody is too dangerous and Danny can’t risk the Dannyzens safety to help them fight him. They instead offer Vic a comic book before transporting he and Larry back to Doom Manor.

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