Umbrella Academy season 1 episode 8 recap

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

The Hargreeves children got to relive the previous day yet they still wound up separated minus any contentment. The Umbrella Academy did come out the other end with some new information though after Klaus successfully conjured Reginald. News of his suicide, coupled with Harold’s unhealthy obsession with the Hargreeves family, sparked the siblings into action. They still remain in the dark about Vanya’s newfound power and the instability it causes, setting the stage for a dangerous confrontation. It’s never a good to rush into a fight unprepared.

On The Trail

Allison is haunted by her memories of her ex-husband catching her rumoring their daughter as she speeds toward Harold and Vanya. She does some quick recon upon arrival at Harold’s grandmother’s home, discovering Vanya’s violin case inside the house. A traffic jam outside the scene of Harold’s assault temporarily halts Allison, but seeing Vanya’s scarf hanging from the restaurant’s sign makes her stop.

Allison convinces a local cop to let her tag along with him for the day under the guise of researching a role for an upcoming film. They go to the hospital to speak with the only surviving attacker. He reveals that Harold paid the men to start the fight. The cop catches on to Allison’s ruse when she asks the man about Harold and Vanya but convinces him to continue helping her. Unfortunately, a nurse takes the man away for testing and treatment before they can ask him anything else.

A bit of serendipity lands Hazel and Agnes in the same traffic jam as they make their way to a bird sanctuary. They clear the line of cars and arrive at a bed & breakfast only for Hazel to tell her he needs to leave. Knowing the world’s end is near, Hazel can’t shake his convictions about not doing anything to stop it. Having more time with Agnes makes the decision even more necessary. He promises to return to Agnes before speeding away to stop the apocalypse. Unknown to them, Cha-Cha is on their trail thanks to a map she found in the donut shop before blowing it up.

Another Family Meeting

Another morning in the Hargreeves homestead brings yet another family meeting. This time Klaus gets the honor of calling it, though he does take the time to congratulate Luther on losing his virginity the previous night. Luther and Number 5 gather around to learn that Klaus conjured their father and learned that he killed himself. Klaus’ brothers don’t believe him but Pogo confirms the fact. He and Mom helped Reginald do it. Luther lashes out at Pogo for lying to them before storming out of the mansion.

Diego’s time in prison comes to an end when Beeman sneaks him a key to his cell just before he is set to be transferred. He rushes home to tell Number 5 and Klaus that Allison went after Harold alone. They track down Luther in a bar. His anger toward Reginald subsides when Diego tells him Harold’s identity and Allison’s dangerous position. Luther drops everything and rushes out with his brothers to find their sister.

One Single Note

Harold checks himself out the hospital despite the nurse and Vanya’s advice. He has more important matters to at hand. Most notable of those being Vanya’s continued training. Vanya isn’t too keen on the idea after learning that all but one attacker died at her hand. Her inability to control the power within make sher pause but Harold is convinced she can learn to control it.

The reason he believes such is because of anecdotes in Reginald’s journal describing his initial training sessions with Vanya. Her power is best controlled when channelled through another form, converting sound into energy. Reginald used a tuning fork while Harold uses the sounds of nature to help Vanya focus. Present day Vanya is able to release and control her power, sans a falling tree branch, but young Vanya showed a resistance to training. That resistance caused Reginald lock Vanya away in an isolation chamber after putting her training on indefinite hold.

Vanya’s power is also tied to her emotions. This comes into play when Harold abandons her at the house while during her violin practice. Discovering his absence throws Vanya into a frenzied state as being left alone mirrors her experience in the isolation chamber. She tries to calm herself by playing her violin. Some level of solace comes over as she begins to channel her power through her violin, causing everything near the house to rustle.

A Rumor’s Power

The remaining attacker’s disappearance and the nurse recognizing Vanya sends Allison back to the house. The house and its contents jolt about as she enters to find Vanya playing her violin. Allison is taken aback by the existence of Vanya’s powers but the shock doesn’t impede her warnings about Harold. Vanya’s panic returns as she denies Allison’s claims. Her confusion sets of a light bulb in Allison’s head regarding a wretched act from their past. Reginald forced Allison to rumor Vanya into believe she was ordinary when she began resisting her training.

Allison apologizes as she didn’t know why their father made her do it but Vanya doesn’t want to hear her apologies. Allison destroyed her life and now she wants to be left alone with the only person that ever made her feel special. The house begins to shake again as Allison starts to rumor Vanya once again. Vanya slashes Allison’s throat with her bow before the supernatural gossip can escape her lips. Harold comes home to Allison bleeding out and rushes Vanya away from the house, leaving the surviving attacker’s dead body underneath the porch.

Allison’s brothers arrive to find her blood-soaked body lying in the living room floor. Luther clutches her against his chest as the others look on in horror.

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