Umbrella Academy season 1 episode 7 recap

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

One beauty of fiction is its ability to invoke emotional reactions to events that could never occur in our world. Number 5’s complete reset of a day where his siblings reached their own individual forms of peace is one of those events. That solace may be gone thanks to his use of the reset button, but there is a silver lining: The Umbrella Academy remained together as doom moved closer. The crew turned their attention to the unknown Harold Jenkins, believing him to be the key to stopping the apocalypse. What the team didn’t know is that they had a history with Harold and he was closer than originally thought.

No Power

Harold Jenkins obsessed over the Hargreeves children as a child. Born on the same day, he steeps himself in the belief that he is special like them. It’s a needed escape from his alcoholic, abusive father that holds resentment for his mother’s death during childbirth. Harold’s fandom hits its apex when he packs a bag, crafts a homemade Umbrella Academy uniform and tries to join the team during a fan gathering. Reginald swiftly repels him in his usual caustic fashion, telling the boy he has no power within as the crowd mocks him. Harold returns home and murders his father with a hammer after taking another shot to the face.

Harold is released from jail after serving 12 years. Some time later his obsession over the Academy returns when he follows Klaus into an alley and retrieves Reginald’s journals from the dumpster in which Klaus dumped them. He pours over them as Harold is revealed to be Leonard. Looks like Allison was right.

In the present, Harold overhears the family say his name as he steals the figurine of Reginald. The revelation leads him to take Vanya to his grandmother’s country home to practice using her powers. Harold seems far more into Vanya’s abilities than she is as he keeps pushing her to the point of agitation. Vanya’s nonchalant approach to the test don’t help matters, but Harold quells the situation with a timely apology. The two retire to the house to get ready for a dinner date.

Night Out

It’s a new day, but not everything changes. Number 5 talks the team into staying together to keep the quest going. He, Diego and Allison leave to get information on Harold from the police. Diego calls in a favro from Patch’s partner, Beeman, but is tipped off that the police believe he killed Patch and the cops are on his trail. He returns with Harold’s file and Allison immediately recognizes Harold as Leonard. The trio break into Howard’s house and find a shrine to the team in the attic. They ponder why the source of his obsession with Vanya until Number 5 collapses. Looks like he took a piece of shrapnel to the abdomen during his fight at the Commission. 5 is brought back to the mansion to recover, but Diego is distracted by Mom’s reactivation.

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Luther and Klaus stay behind at the mansion, but they aren’t there for long. Luther consoles himself with copious amounts of alcohol after finding his unopened moon research. Klaus tries to comfort him, but Luther remains focused on finding answers for all of his sacrifices. Luther tosses Klaus aside and leaves the mansion for his first night in the outside world in a very long time. Ben pushes Klaus to search for Luther, ultimately tracking him down to a rave. Luther is shirtless, dancing and so very high on ecstacy. Klaus resists the urge to join his brother’s drug-fueled frenzy and helps him fight off some aggressive party goers. His good will gesture ends with him being sent to the afterlife.

After a brief encounter with a little girl God, Klaus is directed to meet someone. What he believes to be a reunion with Dave turns out to be one with his father. Reginald ridicules Klaus for not reaching his potential and is indifferent to Luther’s internal struggle. Everything he did to his children was meant to prepare them to save the world. He knew the apocalypse was coming and killed himself in order to bring his children back together to avert it. Klaus, dumbfounded, is sent back to the land of the living before Reginald can finish his thought. He wakes up to find Luther gone and begins wandering the streets looking for him.

The Simple Life

Hazel and Cha-Cha receive their respective messages ordering the other’s elimination. They drive out to the woods and Cha-Cha pulls a gun on Hazel as he continues questioning his allegiance to the Commission. He just wants a simple life that he chooses for himself. They both holster their guns and return to the hotel. Hazel goes on his food run but visits Agnes instead. He asks Agnes to leave with him that night. Agnes agrees but encourages Hazel to tell Cha-Cha about his departure, not knowing that she is watching their rendezvous.

Hazel returns to the hotel to say his goodbyes but instead finds Cha-Cha’s burnt message ordering his termination. He sets the shower trap for Cha-Cha and knocks her out. She wakes up tied to the radiator with Hazels pistol pointed at her head. Hazel wants out and doesn’t want to kill Cha-Cha. Sher tries to talk him down by reminiscing about their past missions. Hazel remains unconvinced, leading Cha-Cha to threaten both him and Agnes. Unable to pull the trigger, Hazel leaves with Cha-Cha still restrained.


Mom patches up Number 5 as Allison tries to contact Vanya unsuccessfully. Diego points out the address of Harold’s grandmother’s house and the two head that way. Unfortunately, the police are outside waiting for Diego. He tells Allison to go ahead without him before being arrested for Patch’s murder.

Allison doesn’t know that she’s driving toward a powder keg in the boondocks. Atrio of feisty drunks assault Harold outside a restaurant. Vanya screams for help but ultimately rushes to Harold’s side and unleashes a wave of energy that trashes the attackers. Harold ends up in the hospital due to his injuries, including a serious one to his right eye. Vanya remains by his side as Diego rages inside a jail cell. The journey was different, but the Hargreeves siblings still wind up separated in the end.

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