Young Justice: Outsiders episode 13 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 13 Recap

Gar and Victor got their head on straight at just the right time as Young Justice: Outsiders headed into its midseason break on a high note. The intel collected by Batman, Katana and Metamorpho found its way to Dick. They finally know where to find Brion’s sister, Tara, and they have a plan to get her back. Halo was held back in Happy Harbor, because only she had the ability to cleanse Victor of Father Box’s influence. And thanks to Gar’s new information, the entire Justice League knows that Granny Goodness’ Goode Goggles were used to identify and brainwash metahumans. In Young Justice: Outsiders episode 13, the heroes finally struck back.

Finding Tara

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 13 Recap

Everybody is getting into the Halloween spirit in Happy Harbor. The school Halloween dance is the event of the season, but Happy Harbor High’s newest students won’t be attending. Dick arrives with word of Tara’s location. The team is going to take down a metahuman trafficking depot in Greater Bialya and rescue Brion’s sister. The operation is part of a joint effort with the Justice League to simultaneously take down multiple depots. Dick further links Gretchen Goode to the trafficking ring. The Goode Goggles’ meta-gene tests brainwashed and led dormant metas to the various depots.

The team arrives to find Tara being used in a metahuman fight club. The operation is guarded by the members of Onslaught. Tara loses to another brainwashed meta named Holocaust. Dick and Artemis try to keep Brion from getting over emotional for fear of blowing their cover telepathically to Psimon. Brion gets himself under control and the team buys Tara, allowing the siblings to reunite on the Bioship. Their mission is over. However, the rest of the team is going back in to save the rest of the teens.

Going Indigo

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 13 Recap

Halo remains in Happy Harbor, charged with watching over Victor in case he turns homicidal again. She can’t focus on her mission due to an overwhelming sense of worry for Brion. Helga comforts her, giving her the usual spiel about emotions and hormones that every teenager hears at some point. Halo calms down as Victor’s red glow reverts back to indigo and he attacks the pair. Unfortunately, Halo’s powers aren’t working, leaving them no defense against him. Victor attributes her power loss to the Mother Box’s inability to process human emotion. Victor clearly isn’t the one talking. It’s the Father Box that saved his life.

Victor stalks Halo through the house until he fights back against Father Box’s influence. He tells Halo to run, but she stands her ground. Halo’s emotions are the source of her power and her Mother Box-altered soul can adapt to their presence. Father Box believes Victor needs him to survive, but Halo knows the unity within her can exist within her new indigo-linked friend. Halo’s powers return and she permanently cleanses Victor of Father Box’s influence.

“I’m In”

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 13 Recap

Dick’s team reenters the Greater Bialyan depot, determined to free its enslaved metas and take down the operation. They meet heavy resistance from Onslaught as Forager runs support from the Bioship. A divide and conquer strategy pays off as the team frees the imprisoned metas. Tara even convinces Brion to return and help his new friends, which allows them to escape unscathed.

News comes in that the League’s other assaults were successful as well. The team returns to find a cleansed Victor and Halo waiting to greet them. Brion introduces Halo as his girlfriend to Tara while Dick relays his belief that Brion, Tara, Halo, and Forager are ready to join the team. The freed metas are dispersed among the various members of the team, thankful for their new homes no matter how temporary they may be. All but one. Tara is staying with Artemis, and she wakes up early the next day to contact Deathstroke, She sends him a text that simply says “I’m in.”

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