Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 10 Recap

In the previous episode of Young Justice: Outsiders, Granny Goodness was revealed to be the newest member of the Light and the power behind the Goode Goggles. At the Light’s behest, Lobo attempted to kill Forager, and not even Nightwing’s new team could stop him. Fortunately, Forager shed his armored coating and fooled Lobo into thinking he was dead. Forager’s survival further cemented the team’s bond, but now the Light knows they exist. And Granny promised to deal with them in “good time.”

Young Justice: Outsiders episode 10 began a short time later, as the mission to save Tara Markov finally got under way.

Welcome to the Jungle

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 10 Recap

Nightwing’s team may not be ready for field action, but Batman has Outsiders of his own. The Dark Knight, Katana, and Metamorpho went on a covert opt to Santa Prisca. They were there to find Tara, and to gain intelligence about the League of Shadows’ new leaders. It didn’t take long to discover that Deathstroke is the new leader, with Lady Shiva as his right-hand woman. Cassandra Savage was also among the Shadows, and she was told that her friend, Tara, had been “washed out” and given to Granny Goodness.

Batman attempted to withdraw his team, but their escape was intercepted by Bane, Deathstroke, and Lady Shiva. The battle was perhaps too evenly matched, and the heroes withdrew before the stalemate could prove lethal.

Another Training Day

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 10 Recap

Dick trained his team of heroes in Happy Harbor, as Brion and Halo continued to get close to each other. Brion accidentally burned Halo’s hand during a tender moment, but her aura allowed her to heal herself. Jefferson noted that Dr. Jace referred to Brion and Halo as “her kids” during the battle with Lobo. She admitted that she feels very attached and protective of them.

After the training session, Brion was angry that more wasn’t being done to save his sister. When Dick implied that a mission was currently underway, it only made Brion angrier that he was left in the dark. Finally, Dick told Brion to be patient and asked whether he trusted Dick or not. Brion didn’t answer.

Meet The Harpers

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 10 Recap

Later, in Star City, Artemis, Will, Lian, and Violet were enjoying ice cream while Artemis enrolled Violet in high school. Violet needed a family name, but she rejected Gabrielle’s name as she insisted it wasn’t hers. Will suggested his own last name, Harper, and thus Violet Harper became the newest member of the family.

Will excused himself to go outside, where he surprised Jade while she was spying on them. He invited Jade inside, because Lian needed her mother and he needed his wife. However, Jade refused and said she couldn’t move on from being Cheshire. She told Will this was goodbye, and let a tear fall when she turned her back on him.

Father Box Knows Best

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 10 Recap

In Detroit, Victor Stone contacted his father, Silas, and asked him to come to his football game. Silas agreed to it, but quickly forgot when Steel called him about analyzing a Father Box from Apokolips. Silas also rejected the notion that Father Box was inherently evil, because technology is neutral. Unfortunately, Silas let his son down again. Vic was approached by a college recruiter who predicted a bright future for him. At that same moment, Silas received the Father Box, and set the stage for a family tragedy to come.

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