Young Justice: Outsiders episode 8 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 8 Recap

Intergalactic threats took a back seat this go around as the heroes of Young Justice: Outsiders fought meta-human weaponization on multiple domestic fronts. The three major factions (Dick’s crew, the Justice League, and Batman’s team) tackled their own individual battles. These conflicts might share more in common than originally thought, including new enemies and new crises of conscience for the heroes. It just might be enough to get everyone back on the same page.

Regret Among Thieves

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 8 Recap

Dick relays the details of their mission at STAR Labs Detroit to Oracle. Shade, Livewire, and Mist infiltrate the lab and steal a large piece of Reach tech. The lackeys are soon joined by Cheshire. They manage to escape, but not before Cheshire takes a bullet in the shoulder. They make a pit stop by Doctor Moon’s to get her patched up.

Dick summons Jefferson away from Helga’s bedroom, uniting the team for an attack on the thieves. Tigress believes her sister, Cheshire, can provide information about the League of Shadows. The team interrupts her treatment, subduing Livewire and Mist. Yet another aura emits from Halo, a white one that produces intense light and audio pulses. This new power shatters Shade’s shadow, freeing a captured Brion and causing Shade to flee.

Cheshire divulges the League of Shadows is now operating out of Santa Prisca before Tigress confronts her about her daughter, Lian. Tigress demands that she visit Lian. Cheshire, visibly suffering, knows that she’ll always be Cheshire first. The pain of that truth runs down her face as she escapes with Shade, after telling Tigress to hug Lian for her.

Prisons of Multiple Kinds

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 8 Recap

Elsewhere, Tim Drake/Robin details his mission within Gotham to Batman. Robin, Arrowette, Spoiler and Orphan, discovered that Clayface has been posing as the newly paroled Mad Hatter. Robin tricks him into leading them back to Mad Hatter. They soon discover that he is utilizing nanotech to control people, including Clayface. The team is forced to battle Clayface as Mad Hatter escapes with his latest test subject. A self-destruct sequence is initiated, taking down the hideout with Clayface inside.

M’gann and Kaldur report back to Wonder Woman following their own operation. Flash and Shazam pose as guards on meta-human prisoner transport detail. Sportsmaster and Abra Kadabra attack the transport, freeing Brick and another unknown meta. Kaldur and Rocket arrive to help, forcing Sportsmaster’s retreat. Brick and Kadabra are captured, but Sportsmaster was able to take the other meta prisoner with him.


Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 8 Recap

All of these accounts are revealed to be taking place in the same location, placing the three factions together for the first time since Batman’s resignation from the Justice League. They collectively reveal to Wonder Woman that their missions were connected to a new player in the meta-human trafficking market: Simon Stagg. Rather than create new metas, Stagg has been freeing and injecting meta criminals with his nanotech in order to control them. M’gann and Connor report that they have already arrested Stagg and returned the Reach “meta-human failsafe” device to Dr. Victor Stone in Detroit. Sportsmaster and Cheshire remain at large alongside Shade, who is revealed to be the prisoner that escaped with Sportsmaster. Unknown to the heroes, Stagg is murdered by Shade in his jail cell.

Wonder Woman is pleased with their actions, but has concerns about not telling the other members of the Justice League about the factions’ cooperation. Knowing that League members were working with outside forces, regardless of their past allegiances, could further undercut the team’s perception. Other stress that this knowledge must be kept from the League’s members, but Wonder Woman isn’t sold on whether all parties are ready to keep such a secret.

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