Young Justice: Outsiders episode 7 recap

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 7 Recap

The Justice League and its expats have faced multiple formidable foes thus far on Young Justice: Outsiders. Frederick DeLamb is behind bars, Count Vertigo is on the run and a tense standoff with Ra’s al Ghul delivered more questions than answers. The path grew more precarious as Vandal Savage and Darkseid made their presence known, though Earth’s heroes aren’t aware of their actions. They were too busy training up for fights yet to come. In Young Justice: Outsiders episode 7, the heroes had no idea the fate of the Earth was out of their hands.

Prophesied Partnership

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 7 Recap

The immortal conqueror, Vandal Savage, stares down an armada creeping toward his Warworld. His attempts to seek the aid of the Justice League via Lex Luthor fail as their plan to destabilize the League’s operational capacity worked too well. Vandal’s verbal warnings to the armada deliver a similar result. The armada increases speed, prompting an armed response from Warworld. Vandal soon discovers that a separate armada is approaching Earth, leading him to contact Darkseid for help. He agrees and sends Vandal resources to battle the outsider targeting Warworld and Earth.

Vandal’s daughter, Cassandra, watches all of this play out while recanting Vandal’s origin story. A crashed meteorite gave him his powers during the age of neanderthals, allowing him to live and battle through the ages under countless identities. The story, given to her by Vandal’s aide, Olympia, foretells a looming final battle between Vandal and Darkseid once only Earth and Apokolips remain in the universe.

Beach Trip

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 7 Recap

The impending threat to Earth is lost on Dick and his team. The crew takes a quick beach vacation that turns into a training session upon Dick’s arrival. At least he comes bearing gifts: brand new super suits for Halo and Brion. The group gather around the campfire that night for a lively debate about man’s ability to defeat Superman. Dick uses the hypothetical scenario to point out the need for balance between both populations to maintain coexistence between them. Back in Metropolis, Jefferson reiterates his commitment to helping Helga remain in Halo and Brion’s lives. Some sparks start to fly as well.

Decked out in new suits, Dick decides it’s time to give Brion, Halo, and Forager code names. Halo and Forager point out that they already have one, and the group universally rejects Brion’s first pitch of “Hot Lava.” He adopts the name Geo-Force and the trio continue their training together. The action comes to a sudden halt when Halo exhibits a new green aura that allows her to create holographic copies of herself.

Repeated Pasts

Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 7 Recap

Darkseid’s aid come sin the form of his son, Kalibak. He deploys and detonates a meta-human amidst the armada, taking out a large amount of ships in the process. The wreckage reveals their enemies to be an alien race under the control of Starro. Vandal is no stranger to Starro’s minions, having battled them alongside his daughter Ishtar in ancient Babylon. The past repeats itself when Vandal leaves the Warworld in the hands of Cassandra in order to find and battle Starro himself. The familial combo easily dispatches the creatures, mirroring the partnership that established the Light after Vandal and Ishtar’s victory in Babylon.

Olympia cannot contain her excitement at the thought of chronicling Vandal’s latest victory, but Vandal reminds her that he didn’t want any of his past to be put in writing. She quickly apologizes and the two embrace before Vandal kills her in front of Cassandra. Vandal reveals that Olympia was also his daughter and tells Cassandra to prepare her sister’s body for a proper burial.

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