Runaways Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The previous episode of Runaways hinted that answers for some of the show’s biggest mysteries may be coming. It also introduced another Topher, a character who has a history in the Runaways comic. The live-action series appears to be tying Topher’s origin story to Molly. At the same time, Karolina is bonding with Jonah and going to the construction site to learn more about who and what she really is. In Runaways season 2 episode 5, the characters are going to hit “Rock Bottom.”

The Rocks

Runaways Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Topher describes a family that is rich and kicked him out without a second thought. He shares this with the Runaways when they ask him about the vial Nico took off of him. Molly defends Topher before he reveals how he got his powers. He was dumpster diving and found an aquarium filled with glowing rocks. When he touched the rocks they gave him powers and they also gave him a high. Topher demonstrates some of his abilities and the group agrees to take him in. Topher offers to help Gert get her medicine so she’ll be able to cope with her anxiety. He leaves the house and steals the information that Alex has gathered about what their parents are doing.

Meanwhile, Karolina and Jonah are at the dig site. Jonah shows her the glowing rocks at the bottom of the hole, which resemble the ones that gave Molly and Topher their powers. Karolina asks if she’s an angel, but Jonah explains that they are both aliens. He came to earth before recorded time. His ship fell to Earth and he reveals that some of their people are still trapped on the ship. As they examine the ship, Jonah becomes emotional as he introduces Karolina to her brother – who is trapped on the space craft.

The Dig

Runaways Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Karolina returns to the mansion and tries to damage Alex’s computer. While Karolina and Nico touch base, the PRIDE investigate Eiffel, who took a selfie with Chase. Eiffel has brought her lawyers and states that the kids are safe. The PRIDE works on finding their kids and Frank, the errant PRIDE member, is tasked by Jonah with finding a new sacrifice. Jonah threatens Frank with the loss of what he’s achieved in the Church of Gibborim. Privately, the PRIDE decides to move against Jonah. The Yorkes share that they saw Karolina and Jonah together before deciding to attack Jonah to get more information. Richard Minoru offers to take care of Jonah, and notes that his entire advantage is that people underestimate him.

Back at the mansion, Molly discovers that Topher is gone. The group learns that Topher is at the dig site. They soon follow, and find Topher digging through the rocks at the dig site. He gets high as he touches them. While Molly and the group watch in horror, Topher kills a construction worker and Topher carjacks a vehicle before driving off.

At The Church of Gibborim, Leslie confronts Jonah about keeping Karolina away from her family. Janet Stein also discovers that Jonah’s ship has an anti-gravity engine.

You Can’t Go Home Again

Runaways Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The Runaways follow Topher to his house and Molly is forced to deal with the fact that Topher is a liar. Instead of the predatory parents he told them about, Molly and the group realize that Topher’s father is in a wheelchair and his sister is a nurse. They tell the teamthat Topher was in an explosion at a lab that belonged to Molly’s parents, and it affected him. Topher’s entire story is a lie. Rather then accept Molly’s help, Topher chooses to fight her.

Topher throws Molly out of his parents house – literally – and she gets the wind knocked out of her. The group battle on Topher’s lawn before he throws a dumpster at them. Nico and Chase accidentally redirect the dumpster to the car, where Gert is sitting in the driver’s seat. In a last act of redemption, Topher pushes the car out of the way and gets crushed.

Frank and Leslie talk about Frank taking over PRIDE. They seem to get back together while Janet reconnects with her husband, Victor. She tells him about Jonah’s ship and the gravity engine and asks him to design a way to destroy it. Janet points out that the ship is going to be used to destroy California before Victor gets to work.


Runaways Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Nico and Molly argue about Topher’s death. Molly blames Nico and says she’s acting like her mother. She even points out that they’re the ones hurting people now. Meanwhile, Richard Minoru hacks into the Church of Gibborim’s security and faces off against Jonah. He drops a huge bombshell: Jonah was responsible for killing Nico’s sister, Amy. Richard tinkered with Karolina’s bracelet and created a frequency that can hurt Jonah and inhibit his abilities. But before Richard can deliver a killing blow, two of the Church of Gibborim members kill him.

While currently unaware of her father’s death, Nico is comforted by Karolina, who explains why Molly is so angry.

“You’re Not Scary”

Runaways Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Alex and Chase give each other relationship advice, while Karolina and Nico take a moment to spend time with each other. Later, Karolina goes to meet her mother, Leslie, for information about Jonah. While Karolina searches for more answers, Gert is in the ER. She gets her medication and is told her parents will pick her up soon. Additionally, the PRIDE discover that Richard is dead.

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