Secret Invasion: 5 Takeaways From Episode 2 of the Disney+ MCU Series

With Secret Invasion Episode 2 having dropped on Disney+, new revelations about Nick Fury, Talos, and the Skrull invasion have been revealed. Let’s look at some of the most intriguing details from the new episode.

Maria Hill Is Gone

Though there’s been plenty of fan speculation about whether Maria Hill’s really dead after the premiere episode’s shocking ending, this episode seemed to cement the fact that she’s gone. While comic book hijinks can always occur to revive the dead, seeing her casket be unloaded as her mother mourns and interrogates Fury about her passing indicate that for the time being, Hill is well and truly gone.

More Vivid Violence

Olivia Colman got to shine in this episode, as her character — Sonya Flasworth — interrogated the Skrull Brogan in the freezer of a butcher shop. This leads to a scene where she snips off his finger to confirm he’s a Skrull, followed by an intense conflict between Gravik and the guards in front of the freezer door. Between bouts of standard gunplay, we see one guard get hung on a meat hook as Gravik tears through the opposition. It’s not shocking violence by any means, but these more realistic moments of violence help bolster the show’s grounded feel.

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Skrulls Are Already Among Us

Early in the episode, Fury speaks with Talos during a long train ride and opens up about the difficulty he faced as a young Black person prior to his days at S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as the train rides he’d spend with his mother. As he and Talos swap information about dealing with persecution, Talos drops some rather important information.

According to Talos, around one million Skrulls are currently inhabiting the planet Earth — plenty more than even Fury knew about. Talos was hopeful that humans and Skrulls could coexist, but as Fury points out, humans can’t even coexist with each other, let alone a shape-shifting alien race. The fact that so many Skrulls are already walking around adds an interesting dynamic to the series, as there are many more players in this conflict than anyone realized — especially since Rhodey and the government aren’t too interested in helping Fury out.

Super Skrull Incoming?

G’iah and Gravik have a brief talk during the episode about her past, but before the conversation occurs, G’iah is looking at a computer that seems to list available DNA samples that Skrull-allied scientist Rosa Dalton and her husband plan to use to help power up the radical Skrulls. The samples come from Thanos’ henchman Cull Obsidian, Guardians of the Galaxy member Groot, a Jotunheim frost beast, and Iron Man 3’s genetic technology Extremis.

In the comics, the Super-Skrull — named Kl’rt — was given the powers of the Fantastic Four to make him the ultimate Skrull soldier that could defeat the iconic Marvel team. It seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is establishing precedent for this process by having Gravik and his forces get spliced with DNA from various other heroes and beings to grant them their respective superpowers.

Nick Fury Is Married to a Skrull?

The big shocker from the end of Secret Invasion Episode 2 is that Nick Fury is married. We see a Skrull woman cutting cucumbers in a kitchen, then Fury enters the home. Next thing you know, the Skrull – Priscilla — is in human form and tells the tired Fury that he forgot to put on his wedding ring, leading to him donning the ring and the duo sharing a kiss.

Does Fury know that Priscilla is a Skrull? By the time Fury enters the house, she’s in human form. He could know her true form and love her regardless, or he could be unaware of the whole thing, making this another aspect of the titular invasion that he’s unaware of. Future episodes will surely reveal this info, but it’s definitely going to be this episode’s main talking point throughout the week.

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