Alien vs. Predator Blockbuster Exclusive Edition

Scooper ‘Ellen Ripley’ sent us cool artwork and details on a Blockbuster Alien vs. Predator exclusive:

I saw a sign up in Blockbuster when I was in there over the weekend and they are getting an EXCLUSIVE limited edition DVD Collector’s Set that will include the Widescreen DVD and 2 collectible busts – 1 Alien and 1 Predator! The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and I was able to find a picture of it and the individual busts. It’s similar to the Lord of the Rings sets that have been available except that you can ONLY get it at Blockbuster. The busts are also going to be numbered and limited to only 25,000!!! I’ll definitely be heading there to pick it up! It comes out on January 25. I also saw that the DVD has an alternate beginning that was never shown in theaters.

Source: Ellen Ripley