More Info on the Ultimate Avengers DVD

‘Jeff Dee’ pointed us to the official Marvel website where they have more info on the upcoming animated Avengers DVD. They’ve revealed that it’s actually a film based on The Ultimate Avengers and are needing fans’ voices:

The Ultimate Avengers are coming to life in a brand new animated movie, but they need your help! From coast to coast, talented actors and actresses are assembling to voice Earth’s mightiest heroes, and you can join them!

Have you perfected your spicy Black Widow Russian accent? Do you think you sound like Nick Fury, or Thor, or Captain America? If you’ve ever wanted to hear your voice come out of a Marvel Superhero’s body-or if you are looking for a chance to break into the world of voice acting-then this is your chance! You could be part of one of our animated movies or appear in bonus material on a DVD!

You can download a script for each character at the link above and then follow the full instructions for how your voice could be part of the movie.

Source: Jeff Dee