Lee & Hefner Team on Hef’s Superbunnies

POW! Entertainment, Inc., an advanced entertainment and media company, home to Stan Lee, godfather of the modern comic book superhero today announced a joint venture with Playboy to develop an animated television series, Hef’s Superbunnies. Hef’s Superbunnies is created by Stan Lee. Executive Producers for POW! Entertainment are Lee and COO Gill Champion. POW! Entertainment creates motion pictures and television franchises, both live action and animation.

Executive producers for Playboy Enterprises, Inc. are Hugh M. Hefner and Richard S. Rosenzweig, chairman of Alta Loma Entertainment, Playboy’s mainstream entertainment and production company. Associate producer is Jill Liberman.

The series, targeted to adults, will feature Playboy magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief Hugh M. Hefner as the leader of a sophisticated, worldwide crime-fighting organization comprised of the publication’s famed Playmates of the Month. The series will be produced jointly by POW! and Playboy’s Alta Loma Entertainment division.

Each 30-minute program will introduce viewers to the “hidden world” of the Playboy Mansion, from which Hef will lead teams of highly-trained “Superbunnies” to combat the merciless, deadly enemies of democracy.

Gill Champion says, “The joining of these two global icons in this new exotic animated adventure will not only provide an innovative, provocative and cutting edge entertainment series, but is certain to generate substantial multiple revenue opportunities world-wide.”

Playboy’s Hefner said, “As a young man, comic books played an important role in my own life. In fact, if I had been a better cartoonist, I might never have created Playboy magazine. That’s one more reason I’m glad that a creative genius such as Stan Lee was around to take the appeal of the comic book superhero to the highest level.”

Lee said, “As a fan who bought and cherished the very first copy of Playboy in 1953, it is an enormous thrill for me to be partnering with a man who has done so much to shape the culture of the times we live in. Hugh Hefner has long been one of the great communicators in our society and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather partner with on such an unusual and exciting project.”

Stan Lee, the Chief Creative Officer of POW!, is the creator and inventor of the modern superhero. A prolific author, Lee revolutionized the comic book industry by creating compelling characters who, despite extraordinary powers and talents, are none the less plagued by the same doubts and difficulties experienced by ordinary people. Some of his most enduring characters, like Spider-Man, The Hulk, and X-Men, have been spun off into television programs and feature films that have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.

Source: POW! Entertainment