Josh Olson on A History of Violence

Fangoria talked with screenwriter Josh Olson who adapted A History of Violence for New Line and director David Cronenberg (see news). He talked a bit more about the graphic novel adaptation…

“There is some violence, but it is much more of a character-based drama. It’s not in any way, shape or form what you could call a horror film or a genre film—though I don’t want to sound like I’m looking down on those. The thing I’ve loved about Cronenberg is that you so rarely know what you’re going to get, and his willingness to take risks and do things that are very different from what he’s done before, and this will be keeping in that tradition of surprising you. The violence that’s in it is going to be pretty intense, but there are essentially three scenes, and the rest is the characters living with the cost of violence and the ramifications of it.

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Source: Fangoria