Homeland Creators Developing a Gattaca Reboot For Showtime

For some reason, Showtime seems to be the go-to destination for TV reboots of cult films, with re-imaginings of The Man Who Fell To Earth and Let the Right One In joining its programming slate in recent years. Now, the network is giving another classic movie the small-screen treatment. Via The Hollywood Reporter, a Gattaca reboot is on the way with Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa guiding the ship.

Gattaca hit theaters in 1997 and starred Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, who famously became a couple during production. The film imagined a future where eugenics is commonplace and most children are born via genetic selection. Hawke played Vincent Freeman, an “in-valid” (someone conceived through the natural process) whose susceptibility to various genetic disorders keeps him from fulfilling his dream of being an astronaut. Eventually, he meets Jerome Morrow (Jude Law), who donates his own genetic makeup to help Vincent book a spot on an upcoming spaceflight. 

Andrew Niccol wrote and directed the original movie, but it doesn’t seem as though he’s involved with the upcoming reboot. Instead, primary creative duties will fall to Gordon and Gansa as well as Dallas Buyers Club co-writer Craig Borten. The duo already has a relationship with Showtime by way of developing Homeland, which aired from 2011 to 2020. Gordon also previously co-developed FX’s Tyrant in 2014. More recently, he developed Accused, based on the British series of the same name, which debuted its own first episode back in January.

Deals have yet to officially close. Regardless, THR notes that Gattaca will be the first new TV project to be made under the leadership of Paramount President and CEO Chris McCarthy, who recently added overseeing Showtime to his list of responsibilities. The show has been in the works for over a month and is “being eyed with a sizable commitment” from the network. McCarthy is also reportedly considering the project’s franchise potential, meaning spinoffs aren’t out of the question.

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