Showtime’s Let the Right One In Preview Teases the Search For a Cure

Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Let the Right One In has already been blessed with two critically-acclaimed film adaptations. Thus it’s hard to imagine what a third live-action take on his beloved horror novel could add to the mix. However, Showtime is about to roll the dice by re-imagining Lindqvist’s book as a TV series that takes significant liberties with its source material. And now, Showtime has released the first proper teaser for the new show, which will debut just in time for the Halloween season later this year.

Demián Bichir (Godzilla vs. Kong) stars in Let the Right One In as Mark. Ten years after his daughter, Eleanor (Madison Taylor Baez), was bitten by a vampire, the pair constantly move across the country. And Mark always has to find new ways to feed Eleanor’s bloodlust and keep her alive. This is the show’s biggest deviation from Lindqvist’s original story. In the book, the “girl” is described as centuries old, meaning her “father” was actually a servant tasked with procuring her victims rather than a genuine relative. And in fact, the girl wasn’t even a girl at all. But in this show, the dynamic has been changed.

You can check out the new trailer for the series below.

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Despite the changes, Showtime’s adaptation will retain several of the core elements present in the novel. Fans should also instantly recognize the suitcase tapping that made its way into the original 2008 Swedish adaptation and Matt Reeves’ 2010 English-language remake. Eleanor’s budding relationship with a friendly young boy will likewise serve as a focal point of the series. But beyond this, the storyline will primarily revolve around Mark and Eleanor’s search for a cure for her affliction.

Let the Right One In will premiere on Showtime on October 7.

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