Transformers Generation 1 Minimates Literally Break out of the Mold

Before Funko Pops, Minimates were applying a cartoonish aesthetic to figures across multiple properties. Loosely inspired by the style of LEGO minifigs, they allowed collectors to amass large quantities of compatible figures across many properties, all in a compatible scale. But a big part of the aesthetic was sameness. New parts would get made as needed, but the fundamental body components stayed the same shape. Transformers Generation 1 Minimates, however, called for more to meet the eye.

Though there are some recognizable parts in there — notably the hands — these look more like Transformers than Minimates. Obviously they do not transform, as that right is reserved for Hasbro and Takara product only. But they’re pretty much accurate to classic designs, rather than “blockified.”

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From the official description: “The greatest generation of Transformers is now the next generation of Minimates! Capturing the armor details of four classic characters – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee Starscream and Shockwave – each 2-inch mini-figure features multiple points of articulation and is fully poseable. Painted in a metallic color scheme to mimic the original 1980s toy releases, this set of four comes packaged with weapons on a blister card. Designed by Barry Bradfield.”

Expect this set of four to hit comics retailers in September, for a $29.99 price tag.

Do you collect Minimates? If not, will these become the first? Let us know in comments!

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