Super7 Transformers Ultimates Series 1 up for Preorder

Following a brief initial tease of Ghost Starscream, Super7 just opened up preorders, with full images, of their new Transformers Ultimates figures. Though they haven’t announced a closing date for the preorder period, it usually lasts about a month. And in keeping with their common pattern of releasing two main characters and two secondary per Ultimates wave, we get Optimus Prime, Starscream, Banzaitron and Bombshell. Like all outsourced, non-Hasbro Transformers, they do not transform. Instead, they are meant to represent the ’80s animated depictions as closely as possible. Or, in some cases, the way characters that did not appear in the cartoon might have looked had they done so.

Per Super7, “Our goal is to give you Transformers with super fun extras that you’ve never had before, inspired by your favorite episodes of the G1 cartoon! Slam dunkin’ and surfin’ Optimus Prime, glittery Ghost of Starscream, and Action Master inspired Bombshell and Banzai-Tron are ready to roll out and into your collection!” Optimus even comes with a tiny human Spike Witwicky.

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At $55, these cost a bit more than previous Ultimates, likely because they use all-new sculpts and parts. Previous Ultimates often relied on the Masters of the Universe Classics base body, and could share tooling. We can undoubtedly expect repaints down the line — there are a lot of Decepticon seekers with basically the Starscream body, for example. But for now they’re distinctly different.

Take a look in the gallery for more. Will these Transformers roll out into your collection? Comment below and let us know!

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