Street Fighter Transformers Hadouken and Roll Out to Target

The world warriors look ready to incorporate a whole new world into their battle arena. Namely, Cybertron. In a new series of mashups (previously released by Takara in Japan), four classic Street Fighter II characters get rebuilt as iconic Transformers. It gives a whole new potential interpretation to the bonus level in Street Fighter II that asks you to smash up a car. Available exclusively at Target, the Street Fighter Transformers come in packs of two, so that none will show up without a sparring partner.

Chun-Li, unsurprisingly, combines with the best-known female Autobot, Arcee. In her two-pack, she takes on Ken Masters, whose affinity for a hot rod red gi makes him a natural Hot Rod. The second two pack features the leaders of both properties: Bison as Megatron versus Ryu as Optimus Prime. To make them even more powerful, the arch-enemies triple change, with both featuring ground vehicle and jet plane modes. Plus, they’re both Headmasters, as is Hot Rod Ken. Chun-Li never loses her head, though.

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Optimus Ryu vs. Megatron Bison costs $112.99, while Arcee Chun-Li vs. Hot Rod Ken runs $74.99. Combine both sets for the ultimate fatal four-way. One must stand, but three shall fall this time.

Take a look through the gallery below for more images. Will you join the battle? Let us know in comments.

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