Disney+ Shows First Footage of the MCU Live-Action TV Shows

We expected maybe a trailer for one of the upcoming Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe shows. We got spoiled. They delivered a threefer, with footage from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki. Granted it’s not enough to tell us a whole lot, but we can gather a few impressions. Helmut Zemo is here, albeit without the mask yet. Someone who looks like US Agent at a football game. Vision appearing in black and white, and Wanda Maximoff looking like a sitcom wife. And is Loki in yet another prison cell? One he undoubtedly schemed to get captured in so he could spring a larger plan, as is his wont?

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Take a look below and you tell us. When Paul Bettany said at Sundance that we’d be seeing footage very soon, we speculated he might mean the big game. Indeed it was.

All that’s missing is Hawkeye, which hasn’t begun filming yet due to apparent uncertainty over Hailee Steinfeld’s schedule.

While The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues the current MCU storyline post-Endgame, Loki follows the alternate-universe mischief god who escaped into an alternate timeline. WandaVision, on the other hand, appears to take place in an alternate reality. And in a split-second frame, we get our first look at the classic Scarlet Witch costume with the headpiece.

Does this have you even more pumped for the MCU Disney+ shows? Let us know in comments!