First Look At Joshua Orpin as Superboy in Titans Season 2

Following the conclusion of the first season of Titans, fans got a pretty good idea about who will join for the next go-around. Superboy is on his way, along with his loyal dog Krypto. (You can see the teaser for the pair in the clip below.) Now there’s a good look at Joshua Orpin in costume as Superboy.

Thomas Polito, who serves as an online writer for various outlets, posted an image on Twitter recently. In it, he poses alongside Orpin on the set of Titans, featuring the actor in his trademark Superboy shirt. Check out the image below!

By comparison, here’s a look at Superboy’s comic book costume. It’s pretty close to the one used in the show.

Fans also agree that Orpin is a solid choice for the character as well, based on the responses below.

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Ever since he was cast in the role earlier this year, Orpin has talked about how he has been doing his comic book research. He posted a picture of himself on Instagram, alongside an issue of Superboy Annual #4: Land of the Lost.

Superboy and Krypto won’t be the only ones making their debut in Titans season 2. Deathstroke will also be along for the ride, along with his children Jericho and Ravager. Aqualad will join the cast as well, with Drew Van Acker in the role.

Titans season 2 will premiere later this year on DC Universe? What do you think about Orphin’s Superboy costume? Let us know in the comment section below!

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