Evermor: Andrew Cosby to Showrun Sci-Fi Steampunk Series

Fan-Owned Legion M (Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Mandy, Bad Samaritan) has announced that Andrew Cosby, screenwriter of the upcoming Hellboy movie and co-creator of SYFY’s hit series Eureka, will be the series showrunner for the entertainment company’s original television project Evermor.

Co-created by Legion M members Perry Covington, Erik Figi, and Tya Kottler, and co-written by Covington and Figi, Evermor is a one-hour sci-fi fantasy steampunk series inspired by Dr. Evermor’s Sculpture Park in Sauk County, Wisconsin.

Set in rural Wisconsin, Evermor follows orphaned teenage twins, Ellie and Sam, who are sent to live at the mysterious estate of their eccentric aunt, Dr. Catherine Evermor. A powerful secret reveals that their world is not what it seems, and neither are they. Ellie and Sam’s discovery of a wondrous machine called the Forevertron allows them to journey through the multiverse and its alternate Earths — finding danger, love, family, the limitless potential of human adventure … and their ultimate destinies.

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Wisconsin native Figi first discovered the real-life Forevertron scrap metal sculpture at Dr. Evermor’s Sculpture Park in 1996 while in high school and was approached twenty years later by Tya Kottler with the idea of creating a television series about her father.

“When Legion M first came to me with Evermor, I jumped at the chance to get involved,” said Cosby. “I’d love to see more family-friendly genre material like this on television. And the fact that the series was created by two up-and-coming writers who also happened to be Legion M members only added to my interest.”

“Because he is so steeped in the Steampunk and fantasy worlds, Andrew Cosby is the perfect showrunner for our first series, and we cannot wait to begin building out the Evermor universe with him,” added Terri Lubaroff, Legion M COO and head of content. “Teaming Andrew with the Legion is a match made in heaven because he understands the power of fandom and how it can reshape the way entertainment is made in Hollywood.”

Legion M is actively pursuing investment and distribution partners for Evermor. Legion M is serving as executive producer on its first original television series.