Arrow Episode 3.21 Recap, Al Sah-him

Arrow Episode 3.21 Recap, Al Sah-him

Oliver goes through his training with Ra’s which includes sword fighting, being chained up like a dog, and getting woken up with water. As this montage plays out we hear Ra’s say on repeat “Oliver Queen is alive only in the past, he is forgotten.” Later he compliments Oliver on his progress in just three weeks. Maseo and some guards approach revealing a captured intruder, John Diggle, who claims he never left and was a prisoner this whole time. Maseo hands Diggle a sword after Oliver proclaims he won’t kill an unarmed man, and he shows no restraint before plunging a sword in Diggle’s chest, but surprise, it wasn’t Diggle. Over the past three weeks, Oliver has been under the effects of an herb that brings his concious to the forefront or something, Ra’s leads him away intending to show him something.

Flashing back to Hong Kong we see the city is in a state of emergency with people falling over and bleeding from their noses as a result of the Omega, which Oliver blames himself for getting lose. Back in Nanda Parbat, Ra’s shows Oliver ruins of an old arena where he was tasked with killing the rival of his own ascension, Damien Darhk. Bet the house on him being your Season 4 big bad as Ra’s not only reveals he’s been a behind-the-scenes player in Arrow for a while but also drops a thinly-viewed hint at HIVE, Darkh’s criminal enterprise. Anyway, Ra’s reveals that Darhk got away and he won’t have his new heir haunted by this memory as well, so he must eliminate his rival.

Back in Starling, Laurel takes down a thug with some help from Nyssa and the pair enjoy a milkshake later, talking about how Nyssa isn’t exactly a normal person. Laurel eventually tells Nyssa about what Oliver has done, which she doesn’t take all that well. At Diggle and Lyla’s apartment, Felicity and Thea play with baby Sara as John arrives home from a night of crime busting. They all have a nice talk about their feelings. We return to Hong Kong where it appears the Army is handing out a cure for the virus, but it is actually the virus itself. To disperse the crowd, Oliver fires his gun in the air and engages in a firefight with the army folks, because if you want to get in a firefight it’s with army folks. They overtake the truck and plan to destroy the virus samples inside.

Arrow Episode 3.21 Recap, Al Sah-him

Nyssa sharpens her sword, knowing the League will come for her and Laurel offers to stand by her side. As they talk, Oliver and his band of ninjas enter the city and vow to make Nyssa face justice. Later, Nyssa and Laurel tell Diggle and Felicity about what’s going on and Oliver’s likely brain washing. Nyssa leaves to face Oliver, leaving Laurel to explain to Diggle and Felicity why they should help her, of which she is able to convince them. It also happens that she tossed a tracking device on Nyssa. Back to Hong Kong for a brief explosion as Oliver plants a bomb in the truck. They leave the market to find Akio.

Diggle and Laurel wait in a van as Felicity tracks Nyssa, and is soon joined by Thea, who offers to help them out. Felicity doesn’t even know how to react to this and instead tells her about what Oliver is currently doing. Thea believes she can talk him out of it and the two of them get huffy with each other before the scene finally just ends. Nyssa waits for Oliver on the rooftop that Sara died and the two engage in a big brawl. It’s a pretty great scene, especially since Oliver is moving in a manner unlike how he’s fought for the entire series. As he stands over her with a sword at her throat, Laurel gets a chance to try out Cisco’s Canary Cry, crashing nearby windows. Diggle threatens Oliver and he promptly hops off the roof.

Nyssa regroups in her hide out and has an argument with Laurel. She once wanted more than a life under her father’s, rule but she knows she can’t have that. Laurel counters that if Oliver can change, why can’t she? Diggle meets up with Laurel later where neither of them can fathom what would make someone do something like this and sell their soul. Oliver meets up with his League cohorts where he reveals they need to draw out Nyssa. Merlyn comes to meet Thea and confirms to her about why Oliver is in town. Having been a passive participant most of the show, Thea can’t sit idly by while this goes on.


Felicity comes with Diggle back to his apartment where they find baby Sara crying and Lyla nowhere to be found, Oliver gives him a call offering a trade: Nyssa for Lyla. Diggle confronts Nyssa while the clock ticks and tells her to hand herself over and she agrees, Laurel on the other hand says there has to be a different way. Lyla tries to talk to Oliver but he gives a stern shushing, she keeps it up revealing the hope and purpose that he brought into John’s life, which he hadn’t had since his brother died. We return to Hong Kong where Maseo and Tatsu reunite with Akio who appears to be okay.

Diggle, Laurel, Felicity, and Nyssa arrive at the location, and some of the League guards search them, except for Felicity who Oliver exempts. The league binds Nyssa and sets Lyla free. Diggle whispers a code to her and she retrieves some guns from Felicity’s coat, opening fire on the league. There’s a big ole’ fight in the warehouse with Nyssa v Maseo and Diggle v Oliver. Nyssa is dragged away as Oliver continues to whale on his best friend. As he prepares to deliver a killing blow, an arrow sticks through his wrist and we see Thea has put on her own tiny hood and threatens to put another in Oliver’s eye, prompting his exit.


The group sits defeated, morally and literally, and though Oliver is gone, Diggle reminds them that there’s one thing left: Us. The Just Us League is formed! Couldn’t help it. In Nanda Parba, they present Nyssa to Ra’s who inspects her sword and finds a hidden component. She taunts him, telling him to do what needs to be done. Ra’s prompts Oliver to end her and just as he is about to plunge his sword in her, Ra’s steadies him, he’s got another plan. Instead of spilling Nyssa’s blood they’ll use it to unite their families, as the two of them will be married. Once more to Hong Kong as body bags litter the street. Oliver and pals look for a car, and prepare for their escape. As they get inside a vehicle, Tatsu turns to Akio and sees him bleeding from his mouth, like all the other victims of the Omega.

Thea sits in her loft and Felicity enters. They talk about Oliver and remember the best parts of him. Felicity eventually breaks down and reveals to Thea that Roy is in fact alive and he’s starting a new life, one that she can join if she wants. We see the group across town, all in different places and expressing their grief in different ways. Back in Nanda Parbat, Ra’s reveals to Oliver that the final act of Ascension to the Demon’s Head requires one to destroy their home. He reveals the hidden item inside Nyssa’s sword was the bioweapon that Oliver has seen previously, and if he’s to become the leader of the League he must unleash it on Starling. Oh, and Nyssa must also marry Oliver.


You can check out the promo for Episode 3.22 of “Arrow” in the player below. Titled “This Is Your Sword,” the episode is officially described as follows:

“Oliver/Al Sah-him (Stephen Amell) finishes his training and is left with two final tasks to become the next Ra’s al Ghul. Ra’s (guest star Matt Nable) threatens Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) and delivers some shocking news. Meanwhile, Malcolm (John Barrowman) makes a surprising offer to Team Arrow and Thea (Willa Holland) goes to see Roy (Colton Haynes).”

Directed by Wendey Stanzler with story by Erik Oleson and teleplay by Ben Sokolowski & Brian Ford Sullivan “This Is Your Sword” is set to air May 6.