David Duchovny Announces Skinner, Smoking Man X-Files Return

Now that the “X-Files” revival is real-deal, its momentum has not let up. On the heels of Chris Carter’s comments that he’d like to bring everyone possible back, star David Duchovny revealed on David Letterman that intent just might come to fruition. 

Appearing on “The Late Show,” Duchovny spoke to “The X-Files'” six-episode event return. Asked if original cast will be back, he says, “There’s Gillian and I, we’re original. Mitch Pileggi will come back, and the cigarette-smoking man — if that means anything to anyone — will be coming back.” Pileggi, of course, essayed FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner throughout the series’ nine-season run, while The Smoking Man was portrayed by William B. Davis, who was a villainous, rivalrous presence from the beginning.

Less official is TV Wise’s report that both Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick are slated to return. Both actors were introduced as main characters in “The X-Files'” eighth season, playing special agents Monica Reyes and John Doggett, respectively. The site stresses no deals are in place.

“The X-Files” shoots this summer in Vancouver. Carter has teased the new iteration will be a mix of standalone cases and mythology episodes.