The X-Men 2099 Team Returns in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #5

Earlier this year, when Marvel announced Miguel O’Hara’s return to comics in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus, the House of Ideas also let it slip that Miguel would eventually cross paths with a team of futuristic X-Men. Now, that time has finally come. Marvel has shared new details for Exodus’ upcoming fifth issue, which pits Miguel against a new incarnation of X-Men 2099.

The series, which celebrates 30 years of Marvel’s 2099 universe, launched in May. The story kicked off with a Celestial falling to Earth, leaving a strange Garden of Eden in its wake. Believing this to be a harbinger of good things to come, Miguel took it upon himself to guard this new discovery. Subsequent issues have introduced re-imagined versions of other Marvel heroes and villains, including Winter Soldier, Loki, and Black Widow. But issue #5 reveals that a mutant is living at the Garden’s epicenter, which brings the “nomadic” X-Men to Miguel’s doorstep.

Believing it’s their right as mutants, the team attempts to claim the garden as its new home. But whether Miguel honors their wishes remains to be seen. The team consists of OG X-Men 2099 members like Cerebra, Krystalin, and Bloodhawk. Additionally, writer Steve Orlando and artist Manny Jacinto will bring new versions of classic X-Men like Cyclops, Northstar, and Phoenix into the mix.

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“From the comics to the toys, X-Men 2099 was nothing more than the coolest stuff for me when I was just dipping my toe into reading monthly comics, launching right as I switched over from reading whatever I could from flea market back issue bins, to finally having a comic store and following books month to month,” said Orlando in a new statement. “The world was desolate and engrossing, the team was both familiar and different — a ragtag chosen family of mutants just struggling to survive. So, to celebrate that for 2099’s 30th Anniversary is just kickass.”

“To get to work with some of the first X-Men I ever met? Just kickass,” continued Orlando. “And to add to that family, with faces both old and new? That’s like some cross temporal electricity jolting back to whatever part of my brain holds my childhood. It wouldn’t be 2099 without the X-Men, and here? We’ve got a team built to nod to the past but also dive headlong into the future!”

Jacinto also shared new insight about the creative process in a statement of his own:

“It’s such a great honor to design these characters!” said Jacinto. “My design choices are inspired by different artists like Greg Baldwin and Dave Guertin from CreaturBox, Sean Galloway, Segi Brosa just to name a few. Looking at their designs helped me to envision and create these X-Men 2099 characters. This is a dream come true for me! I would like to thank my editors Mark Paniccia, Danny Khazem, and, one of the best writers out there, Steve Orlando! Such a great pleasure working with them! I am very thankful!”

Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #5 will hit comic shops on August 3. Also.

Are you looking forward to reading the issue later this summer? Let us know in the comment section! Also.

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