Marvel Comics Reveals Two More Guardians of the Galaxy Series

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One Guardians of the Galaxy comic series just wasn’t enough, so Marvel Comics has announced that they’re going to be giving readers not one but two new “Guardians” comics with Marvel Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy, a tie-in to the upcoming animated series, and Guardians Team-Up, which sees the intergalactic team pairing with other characters from all over the Marvel Universe.

“Part of my uber-plan was to have the Guardians be more a part of the Marvel Universe and not off doing their own thing,” “Team-Up” writer Brian Michael Bendis tells USA Today.

The series will kick-off with a two issue story arc, with art by Arthur Adams, where the Guardians meet up with Earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers.

“These aren’t just fun adventures,” Bendis says. “These are going to be stories that matter to the team and matter to the cosmic landscape in general.”

Marvel Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy, however, will be written by Joe Caramagna, who has handled their other animated series tie-in titles, Marvel Universe: Avengers Assemble and Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man. Though details are light on this series, it is expected to launch next year.

You can check out the cover art for Guardians Team-Up #1, out in February 2015, along with the Marvel Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy promo art below.


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